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Continuing Education For Counselors - Our Goals for Learning

Welcome to CEU By Net!  Take a Look at Our Goals for Learning, Here on This Page.  We Offer Non-Traditional Continuing Education for Counselors and Social Workers, LCDCs, LMFTs, LMHCs, LMHPs,   Rehabilitation Workers, and Most Other Behavioral Health Licenses - in Most States! 


Our courses are non-traditional.The subjects above hopefully provide a sense of what our online courses are like.  None of our courses are boring or traditional.  And they're inexpensive, too. 

Come on in and check out our website.  We provide downloadable certificates - and an Annual Subscription for unlimited CEUs for those who need a lot of CEUs for not-a-lot of money.  You can earn unlimited CEUs for an entire year, for only $54.95 with our Annual Subscription.


Each of CEU By Net's Continuing Education Courses Have Targeted Goals For Learning - which appear in the catalog description for each continuing education course, and on certificates of completion.  To locate a catalog that interests you, click 'COURSES' on the menu bar near the top of this page, and scroll down the drop-down list.

Overall, our primary goal is that we want to offer continuing education courses which are practical and meaningful from a clinical perspective. We believe that continuing education courses should offer both new ideas and empirically tested approaches  to contemporary issues and problems encountered by counselors, social workers, and others working in the mental health and addiction fields.  

Further, we want to offer a number of courses that our customers have not seen repeatedly on other websites. 

In keeping with this goal, we offer unique, dynamic slide shows which we have developed in-house.  And over the past two years, we have also expanded our sponsored course offerings, to include more empirically validated course materials from highly respected governmental and professional journal publications. These two types of online courses seek to enhance the skills and ethical values of practitioners in a new and challenging behavioral health world, in areas such as ....


Where Can You View Goals for Individual Courses?

You can view the major 'Goals for Learning' for EACH COURSE we offer, within the  full description of the individual course in our catalogs.  Where to find courses which interest you? To get there, click on COURSES above on the menu bar, and scroll down the drop-down list of topics. 

Click on a subject that interests you, and we'll take you to the course catalog for that topic.  Within the course description, you'll see the goals for the course (or a link to the goals).

And because we know that you may have a lot of CEUs yet to do, we offer an unlimited Annual Subscription - Unlimited CEUs for An Entire Year for only $54.95!  


Thanks for visiting CEU By Net!


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