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fast ceus onlineOur Privacy and Security Policy

Our Privacy and Security Policy is very simple and straightforward. We will NEVER rent or sell your personal information to any other individual, company, or entity whatsoever, under any circumstances.  Information about your completion of courses on this website may be shared under very limited circumstances, specifically (1) to entities which certify and approve this website for delivery of services to licensed professionals, in the event of audit of this website's performance, and (2) upon request from you the User, to your licensing board or its representative, and (3) to your employer if they have directly paid CEU By Net for your right and access to courses and Continuing Education Credits earned on this website. 


We do not maintain any information related to your financial data or credit card information within our data base; our online credit card payments are processed externally by one of the world's largest accredited credit card processing gateways, and we never see the credit card information at our end.

Your personal information is carefully guarded within our data base. We have a registered SSL (security certificate license) for our site. When you are entering personal information and making credit card payments, you will see the lock symbol appear at the bottom of your page, which means that your session is now secured by multiple firewalls from any outside observation or tampering. You can double-click on the lock symbol to get information about the certificate and see that it is genuine and in force.

In short, we treasure the trust of our clients and will never violate that trust.

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