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Copyright Protected - © - January 2000 -- Revised January 2006 and January 2010


Copyrighted Commercial Works. All continuing education documents and courses, forms and other materials (individually and collectively known as "The Materials" or "Materials") published on the Internet and otherwise distributed by CEU By Net ("CEU By Net") and its partners Pendragon Consulting Group and Pendragon Associates are copyrighted, commercial works developed by the owners of CEU By Net, and are confidential and proprietary information. Registration on the site, purchase of a course, accessing a course through any means whatsoever, or any use of this CEU By Net website whatsoever, constitutes acceptance by the individual so doing (the "Principal User") of the terms of this Limited Use Licensing Notification and Limited User Agreement ("User Agreement") and agreement to honor its copyright protections. The Materials which constitute the courses offered on this website represent the PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES of the course authors, and are not intended to be a declaration of infallible knowledge or guidance by the course authors, CEU By Net, its consultants, owners, operators, partners, or shareholders.

This User Agreement applies to all of The Materials which are accessible through any and all Internet web sites registered by Naylor & Associates, CEU By Net, Pendragon Consulting Group or Pendragon Associates LLC. This User Agreement serves as the authorization granted to the course enrollee (the "Principal User") to UTILIZE said copyrighted Materials, documents, files, and publications only for the personal benefit or education of the Principal User.

'Utilize' and 'utilization' of shall not be construed to include the following: Printing or otherwise making an electronic or paper copy of the course documents and related Materials for individual use or for use by any other entity, with the exception of (1) Glossary of Terms and any Bibliography made available by this web site, which are considered to be public domain, and (2) the quizzes (test questions) and the Continuing Education Certificates, which may be downloaded and printed. 'Utilize' and 'utilization' shall also not be construed to include distribution of the copyrighted Materials or of modifications thereof which are substantially similar by any means whatsoever, whether via software data files or codes or hard paper copy or fax transmission or sharing or sale or Internet publication of these Materials or ; utilization by the Principal User of The Materials or of modifications thereof which are substantially similar, as instruments or tools of his or her trade or business or the trade or business of affiliates or customers or employers, which includes but is not limited to consultation for hire and the offering of technical assistance or continuing education either in person or over the World Wide Web (Internet) or by any other means of distribution or representation. State, regional, or national organizations which have a desire to purchase the Materials for statewide, regional, or national use may do so only through negotiation of a separate Licensure Agreement with CEU By Net.

Restrictions on use. The disclosure, use, copying, reproduction, duplication, or any other transmission of the images and text displayed within these Materials, by any means whatsoever, including but not limited to such transmission via the Internet or through data files or software containing the copyrighted Materials or through paper copies of the copyrighted Materials, without prior written authorization of CEU By Net, is a direct violation of this User Agreement and is prohibited. Likewise, modification of these copyrighted Materials in a form or content which is substantially similar to the originals without prior written authorization of CEU By Net, is a direct violation of The User Agreement and is prohibited. Likewise, the sale or leasing or rental or distribution of said Materials for purposes of monetary or other personal or professional gain is a violation of The User Agreement and is prohibited. Violation of the User Agreement is subject to legal remedy.

Additional Restrictions. This User Agreement to utilize the copyrighted Materials is personal in nature, is limited to the Principal User, and does not extend to any other individual, organization, company or other entity which is affiliated with or not affiliated with the Principal User, either now or in the future.

No Refund Policy. Purchase of our copyright protected products results in immediate access to the copyrighted Materials and to the purchased functions associated with the Materials via the Internet by the Principal User. Thus, in purchasing these continuing education services, Principal User understands and agrees that no refunds or credits will be given, once purchased, unless the Internet server upon which these Materials are published can be verified by CEU By Net to have failed in its transmission, resulting in the inability of the Principal User to access the course Materials and functions or the testing modules.  We cannot be responsible for the functionality of the Principal User's computer or his Internet Service Provider.

User Responsibility to Verify. The Principal User understands and agrees that state licensure boards and other certifying entities may modify their criteria for approval of Continuing Education (CE) materials, CE providers, and the number of credit hours awarded from time to time and are entirely responsible for such approval. The Principal User understands that he or she is ultimately responsible for verifying the applicability and approval of these courses for his or her own license designation.

User Responsibility for Own Professional Determinations and Actions.  Principal Users are responsible for making their own decisions about validity and use of the information contained within the Materials within their practices, programs, or other professional undertakings, and Principal Users hold CEU By Net harmless in Principal User's utilization or application of the ideas or recommendations or information contained in the Materials presented on this website.

       The continuing education Materials presented on this website, irrespective or regardless of the source or status of the author(s), are in no way to be construed as part of or a direction for use in the treatment of any particular individual, for mental illness or distress or for abuse or dependency upon alcohol or other drugs.  The professional User is solely responsible for assessment and determination of the appropriateness and applicability of any and all treatments or therapeutic interventions which he or she chooses to apply to or deliver to individual patients or clients, within the purview and constraints of his or her  specific license(s) to practice. 

      The Continuing Education materials presented on this website are collected from various professional sources, and are presented as potential options and interventions which may or may not be appropriate for use by a behavioral health professional in the course of his or her practice. Per the licensing requirements of all behavioral health professionals, Users of this website assume responsibility for determining, through competent assessment, that a particular treatment or therapeutic intervention is clinically appropriate, applicable, and medically necessary for the wellbeing of that individual client or patient

Privacy of Personal Data.  Information about your completion of courses on this website may be shared under very limited circumstances, specifically (1) in the event of audit of this website's performance, to entities which certify or license or otherwise approve this website for delivery of services to licensed professionals, and (2) upon request from you the User, to your licensing board or its representative or to another entity, and  (3) to your employer or employing company if it has directly paid CEU By Net for your right to access courses and to earn Continuing Education Credits  on this website. 


Copyright Protected - © - January 2000 -- Revised January 2010

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