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Welcome to CEU By Net!


NO MATTER WHICH browser you are using, you can still view our web pages.  


Over the years, browsers have become a stable way to view the internet and have kept pace with the development of new and upgraded operating systems that run on individuals' laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

We have found that Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome [the most commonly used browsers, worldwide] are equally well suited to display our webpages. We update our 'descriptive' or 'explanatory' webpages frequently, just as we do with our catalog pages, as new courses are added.  And we encourage website users to accept browser updates when they are published. 

Infrequently, we hear from a customer who is not running one of the currently supported operating systems on their computer (e.g., running Windows 7 instead of Windows 10) and/or does not have a reasonably current version of Adobe Reader or another PDF file reader which is needed to download and read the courses and the quizzes.  In that case, we offer as much technical support to the individual as we can. 

Updating Adobe Reader is easy to do, and it's free.  We can provide you with the online link to Adobe Reader updates, if you want to update Reader. 

 Frequently, customers will simply borrow another computer or switch their own personal device if they decide that the one they are using is signifcantly outdated.  You can log in to your CEU By Net account on any device with a connection to the internet.  






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