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Not using Internet Explorer?  That's OK!

Our site is BEST VIEWED using Internet Explorer (IE) as the browser. But not everyone uses IE!

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AND NO MATTER WHICH browser you are using, you can still view our web pages.  


Of course, some of our pages may not look quite the same as they do when using Internet Explorer.  The formatting and page layout may appear to be 'off'. If this bothers you . . .

If the page layout bothers you, you may wish to adjust your browser settings, using the SIMPLE STEPS that Firefox-Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera have developed for their users, to view web pages in the way that the Internet Explorer site developer intended.

So how do you adjust your browser to better view web pages developed in an Internet Explorer format?  [You will still be operating in your own browser - the page will simply look like we intended it to look!]

 Click on your browser's link below, and we will take you to the simple steps that YOUR BROWSER uses to view web pages developed in an IE format.



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firefox logo.gif  Firefox-Mozilla






NS_logo If you're using Netscape as your browser . . .
click Netscape's ' Site Control' setting.


1. Click TOOLS on the bar at the top of your NETSCAPE internet screen

2. Click OPTIONS


CLICK ON 'INTERNET EXPLORER' at the bottom right corner of the Site Controls screen, where it says 'Rendering Engine'.   Web pages which were created for Internet Explorer browsers (like ours) will now be displayed correctly while using Netscape.  


Netscape Rendering Engine. screenshot




 If you're using Opera as your browser . . .
click Opera's ' Browser Identification' setting.


  1. Click TOOLS on the bar at the top of your OPERA internet screen  
  4. Be sure that your Opera settings appear like this - noting that it says "Identify as Internet Explorer" on the drop-down menu near the bottom. You can change this back any time you like. 


opera settings


firefox logo.gif

If you're using Firefox-Mozilla as your browser . . .
just add Firefox's clickable 'IE Tab'      to your toolbar!

IE TAB for rendering engine

  • FIREFOX has provided a quick solution to this browser issue . . .

    Firefox-Mozilla INCLUDES AN 'IE TAB' AS A TOOLBAR ADD-IN, available directly from Firefox's website.  Once you have downloaded the IE TAB from the link above, you can view our web pages displayed in IE with just one click of the IE TAB at the top of your Firefox tool bar! Then you can switch back to a Firefox layout if you choose with just one click.    


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All content on this site is Copyright (c) 2006-2017 by Pendragon Associates and/or CEU by Net

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