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Over 125 Hours of Addiction and Mental Health CEUs, EACC-EAPA PDHs and NBCC Credit Hours to Choose From. 
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Addiction CEUs for CCAPP, TCBAP and IC&RC, TAAP and NAADAC, FCB 

NEW!  Ending Conversion Therapy with LGBTQ Youth - Course 6J

NEW! Ethics Course 4B

NEW!  Complex Trauma, Families, and Youth - Course 2J

Ethics Catalog 

Family Therapy, Domestic Violence, Anger Management - Five Courses.

Diagnosis and Assessment - Not the Usual Stuff!      CBT Training Manuals

Cultural Competence    

               Child & Adolescent Catalog for MH and SUDs  Adolescent SUD

Terrorism and Mass Violence - a Training Manual 

 REVISED! 10 Slide Show Managed Care Courses with ACA Impact. 

After the War Zone5K and 5L - After The War Zone:  Learn Why 'Coming Home' Is the Hardest Part of the War.

 HIV-AIDS         Prevention of LGBT Adolescent Suicide     

Popular Assessment Course 3C Is Now an Ethics Course, Too!

3H - Adolescent SUD Treatment - A Research-Based Guide

 5N - Growing Up Girl - Girls Matter!  

3J - Professional Guide to Supporting LGBTQI2-S Youth.  
3I - Bullying: Prevention and Response - A Training Guide


Welcome to CEU By Net! Earn Addiction and Mental Health CEUs, NBCC Hours, and EACC-EAPA PDHs Here!  View All of Our Courses and Quizzes for FREE!

Our Courses Are OnlineWe Are an Approved Online Mental Health Continuing Education Provider for NBCC and EACC, and for Multiple State Boards for Mental Health and Addiction Counselors, Social Workers, and MFTs. We Are a Licensed Provider of Addiction CE Programs for TCBAP (an IC&RC Member Board) and TAAP (a NAADAC Pre-Approved CE Provider) and a Recognized CE Provider for FCB (Florida Certification Board), Florida CE Broker, and California BBS. 

We now offer more than 120 clock hours of online mental health and substance abuse continuing education which is accepted in almost every state for most behavioral health licenses - including Texas, California, Virginia, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, Alabama, Arizona, Wyoming, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Idaho, Ohio, Washington, New Hampshire, Florida, Hawaii, and most other states. Click here to access our Interactive Map, for the basic information we have for your State.

You can buy an Annual Subscription for only $54.95 - and take Unlimited Mental Health and Addiction CE and PDH Courses on this site for an entire year at NO additional charge. Not sure if you want an Annual Subscription? Then take two Free Courses to see how our site works.

  • Note:  NEED CLARIFICATION ABOUT 'CLOCK HOUR', 'CEU' 'PDH', 'CPE', or any other acronym used by your board, when you earn CE credit here on this site? Please CLICK HERE.

  • Try our FREE Courses - Two FREE courses appropriate for both addiction and mental health professionals . . . including 2.5 FREE CEUs (Clock Hours of CE Credit) and two FREE Certificates. 


CEU By Net has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6338. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit will always be clearly identified - although at the current time, all courses on our site do qualify for NBCC Credit. CEU By Net is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.    

The number of NBCC Credit Hours awarded for each course we offer is clearly stated in the Course Catalog and on the Course Certificate. 

NOTE:  Effective May 1, 2015, the new NBCC criterion for determination of Credit Hours is 6,000 words per NBCC Credit Hour, instead of the historically required 4,000 words per NBCC Credit Hour. 

  • The NBCC Hours of credit are clearly stated in the catalog for each course, and on the course certificate, based upon 6,000 words per NBCC Hour.

  •  The new NBCC policy does_affect those of you who need NBCC Credit Hours to complete your CE requirements, when you complete a course on May 1, 2015 or thereafter.

  • However, the new NBCC criterion of 6,000 words per credit hour has_not been adopted by all boards for all licenses and certifications throughout the country.  

  • The new NBCC policy will not change the number of Credit Hours which are earned on this website by professionals whose licensure or certification boards do not utilize a 6,000-word per credit hour criterion.  We will continue to award credit based upon 4,000 words per credit hour, for such professionals.   

  • Therefore, you will typically see two (2) different amounts of credit earned per course: The NBCC Hours, and the non-NBCC Hours.


We are an online-only website.

Our courses are offered ONLY online (Interactive Distance Learning). CEU By Net is NOT a 'Traditional Home Study' Provider, and thus we are prohibited from mailing out study materials or quiz materials.  All courses must be accessed online, and all quizzes must be taken online.


most_popular_format Why Are Our Mental Health CEUs and AOD Course Credits So Popular?  Aside From the Fact That You Can Obtain Unlimited CEUs with an  Annual Subscription for only $54.95?  

All of our courses are now 'QUIZ ONLY' - You pay ONLY if you wish to take the quiz for mental health or addiction CE Credit.  Our courses are primarily Professional Journal Publications and Training Manuals in a PDF format, which you can download, read, and print FOR FREE, before you decide if you want to enroll in the course and take the quiz.  Take a look at the 'Quiz Only' catalog here.

The 'Quiz Only' courses address such important clinical topics such as:  

  • A CBT Approach to Treatment of War Zone Veterans with PTSD, SUDs, Anger and Domestic Violence Issues

  • A Therapist Training Manual for Conducting Anger Management Groups with Dual Diagnosis Clients - It's CBT for Groups

  • How to Avoid Clinical, Professional, and Ethical Errors in Assessment of Dual Diagnosis Children and Adolescents

  • Professional Response to Mass Violence

  • Working within the Affordable Care Act While Keeping Your Professional Ethics Intact!

  • How 'Managed Care' Makes Those Decisions to Approve or Deny Treatment - And How to Survive It! 

  • HIV-AIDS Behavioral Health Counseling with Adolescents and Families

  • 'Psychoactive Treatment Medications - What Every Counselor Should Know'

  • Advanced Directives - Counseling for End of Life Care - It's An Ethics Course! 

  • LGBTQ Issues including Prevention of Suicide and Creating a Welcoming Environment in Schools and Community

  • A Community Approach to Maternal Depression in multiple ethnic groups

  • Adult Depression using a 'Stepped Care' model 

Take a quick look at an online quiz. This quiz is for our FREE-TO-READ sponsored course on Prevention of Suicide in LGBT Adolescents and Young Adults. Our approach to quiz development makes reading through online 'Quiz Only' publications much easier! 

And do you also like self-paced, self-navigated SLIDE SHOWS?  We have those too!  Please note that we NOW offer our four most popular Adobe Flash Slide Show Courses in a PDF FORMAT, so that mobile devices such as iPad and Android can view them. Take a look at a demo of our Ethics Courses 3D and 4D, here 


superior_customer_serviceWe Are a 24-7 Online Operation - with  Superior Customer Service 7 Days Per Week Until 10 PM CST- Even On Holidays! Just Email Us at



Click the map or this link, to access our Approvals by State. Based upon our multiple national and state certifications, our courses are automatically approved or accepted by most states, for most behavioral health licenses. 

  • CEU By Net's online addiction and mental health CE courses are accepted by almost every state for multiple  behavioral health licenses, based upon one or more of our CE Certifications: 

NBCC, EACC-EAPA, TCBAP-TAAP, and our Approved CE Provider status for multiple state boards for Social Workers, MFTs, and Professional Counselors.  The majority of State Social Work Licensure Boards accept our CEUs.  

Rehabilitation Counselors, LEPs and some other psychologists also earn credits on our website.  The international EACC certifies our courses for CEAPs.  

We are a licensed CE provider for TCBAP-TAAP (an IC&RC Member Board and NAADAC-approved CE Provider).  Our status as a CE provider for an IC&RC Member Board qualifies us as an acceptable CE Provider for US Military substance abuse counselors and for DOT SAPs.


Tired of seeing the same courses on every site you visit?  Well, then, try this site.  On this site you can get AOD and Mental Health CEUs for counselors and social workers with courses that are PRACTICAL and RELEVANT - and several that are entirely UNIQUE.  Examples of unique courses that we offer, developed and copyrighted by CEU By Net:  

LGBT Adolescent Suicide PreventionOur Continuing Education courses address contemporary mental health and addiction issues and are applicable to a broad range of treatment providers.

For example, our 'Quiz Only' Course 5J,  Suicide Risk and Prevention for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Youth, is FREE TO READ and print, and earns 5 credit hours (5 Clock Hours of CE and PDH credit).

The course is appropriate for Mental Health and AOD Counselors and Therapists, Social Workers, EAP Providers, mental health nurses, community workers, some Psychologists, some School Counselors including California LEPs, and all individuals who serve adolescents and young adults - whether as clients or students or community members.

Important: The authors of this well researched and documented continuing education publication (5J) are clear that "because any young person may be LGBT, we must assume that clients or students could be any sexual orientation or gender identity, and respond accordingly".

Take a quick look at the online quiz for this course.

Continuing Education Course 5J assesses the major 'risk factors' which can contribute to suicide of LGBT (a.k.a. GLBT) adolescents and young adults - including the internet, family and friend's history of suicide, harassment at school, rejection by family members, "coming out" to family members at an early age, etc. - and then provides specific recommendations through model programs, for ACTION to reduce the risk of suicide. The strategies are designed to be implemented with LGBT youth in schools, communities, screening programs, crisis lines, practices and gatekeeping clinics. 

What Else Is Popular On Our Site?

Looking for FREE Mental Health CEUs and PDHs? We have those, too. We now have two FREE continuing education courses, each earning 1 free CE Credit (i.e., 1 clock hour) and a free CE Certificate. One is a slide show format, Course 1B. The other is a 'Quiz Only' format, Course 1D. Both are for mental health and AOD treatment providers.

NOW!  You can now watch our most popular PowerPoint slide shows in PDF! Even on an iPad or Android or mobile phone. Here's our Ethics Course 3D and 4D preview, in PDF. 


Approved_StatesClick HERE to view what we know about your Board's acceptance of our CE Courses.  

Q:  Which State and National Boards have certified CEU By Net to provide online mental health continuing education credit hours (CEUs and PDHs) for counselors, social workers, LMFTs, and other licenses?

A:   We are certified as a Provider of Online Continuing Education CEUs and PDHs by NBCC, EACC, Florida CE Brokermultiple Texas State Boards, California BBS, and Alabama Board of Social Work. 

All of these states are members of the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB), and all except California are board affiliates of NBCC.  EACC is an international Certification Commission.  Therefore, because of these certifications, most other states accept our CE courses and CEU certificates for credit.  

You can check our Interactive Map for CEU By Net's Continuing Education Provider status and licensure details for your state ....

.... and remember that many states allow the licensee to use their own discretion based upon applicability of the CE course and the approval by other States and national boards which have pre-approved the CE Provider.


Most_Popular_CoursesMost Popular CE Courses List   


For an overview of our Managed Care perspective, go to our Managed Care page - or proceed directly to the Managed Care Catalog.

  • Assessment and Diagnosis CE for Multiple Populations: Dual Diagnosis MH-CD and MH-AIDS | Geriatric-Aging | Children and Adolescents | Depressed Adults | Maternal Depression from a Cultural Perspective | Personality Disorders

  • Cultural-Ethnicity CE - Maternal Depression From a Cultural/Community Treatment Perspective | The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT or GLBT) Culture of Adolescents - Protective Factors in Preventing Suicide

  • Jump to the Entire CE Catalog If You Choose  

Have mouse? Then get our courses!

More on Licenses

Q: More details on who can take our online Continuing Education courses for CEU Credit?

A: We are approved by NBCC for Online CE Courses and by EACC for PDHs. And our CE Courses and CEUs or PDHs are also approved by

Click here to view the interactive map for your state and license specifics.

You will find that almost every state accepts our CEUs or PDHs for multiple licenses.


Just How Stress-Free Are These CE Courses? Want to See? We've Got DEMOS of our Slide Show Courses, the Most Popular of Which Are Now in a PDF Format. And take a look at our 'Quiz Only' Courses.


QUIZ HINT FOR ALL OF OUR COURSES: You can print a copy of the quizzes before you begin reading the course .... and then find answers as you cruise through the CE material. Then complete the T/F and multiple choice questions online. Fast and easy. And no need to finish these CEU courses in one sitting - just return and sign in whenever it's convenient, from ANY computer.


What Are Your Special Continuing Education Interests?

  • Or Child and Adolescent Assessment CEUs or PDHs. Dual Diagnosis Assessment to protect you legally and professionally, to family therapy.

  • Clinical Documentation CEUs or PDHs - what's the new expectation with health care reform driving the system?

  • Perhaps a CE course in surviving Managed Care? With the new healthcare reform, it's back on the front burner again! And hotter than ever!

  • Chemical Dependency AOD,  focusing upon the major changes and challenges in the industry. Working with HIV-AIDS. Couples and Family AOD therapy. Anger Management in Addiction and Dual Diagnosis, using CBT.

  • Or SOMETHING ELSE? We have some unique CE courses from which you may choose.


Have mouse? Then get our courses!


To get a fast look at the topics we address, click the COURSES tab on our menu bar near the top of this page, and scroll down the drop-down list.  Click any area in which you are interested. 

Q: I'm looking for a course with a specific number of credit hours.  How do I find courses that match my needs? 

A: Click the 'COURSES' tab on our menu bar near the top of the page. Here you will find a drop-down menu item which takes you to courses offering EXACTLY THE NUMBER OF CEUS YOU NEED.




More About Approved Licenses?

We are approved in almost every stateJump to our STATE LICENSURE MAP to see which licenses are covered for YOUR state, based upon your State's published regulations. For Texas, click here.

And please bear in mind that the list of licenses for any given state is not necessarily all-inclusive.

Most states either automatically approve our CE Courses based upon our certifications by NBCC and multiple state boards ..... or they may accept a CE course if it is RELEVANT TO YOUR LICENSE. Many state boards will automatically accept CE courses which the licensee feels is relevant to his or her work and license, allowing you to use your own discretion. For example many State Social Worker Boards accept our courses based upon these factors.

Our interactive map provides links to State Rules for most of the states, so that you may access your state rules quickly as needed.

To view the broad range of licenses for which our CE Courses are approved, in states across the country, click this link.

Those who use our continuing education programs for licensure renewal include social workers, professional counselors, rehabilitation specialists, nurses, pastoral counselors, addiction treatment providers, marriage and family therapists, and others in a variety of settings - inpatient, outpatient, private practice, and governmental services for mental health and AOD.





In addition to our Texas, California, Florida, Alabama, and NBCC CE Provider certifications, our CEUs or PDHs and CE courses are accepted IN ALMOST EVERY STATE by Professional Counselor and LMFT MFT Boards, and by numerous Social Worker Boards.

Based upon our NBCC ACEP Provider Approval and our continuing education certifications in Texas, California, Florida, Alabama, our online Ethics CEU Credit Hours and other CE courses are also accepted in . . .

New Mexico, Vermont, Missouri, Delaware, Iowa, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Louisiana, Minnesota, Maine, Kansas, Idaho, Arizona, Connecticut, West Virginia, Utah, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Washington, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Idaho,  Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Georgia, District of Columbia (DC), and almost every other state for most behavioral health licenses.


  MOST STATES accept or pre-approve our CE Courses for most behavioral health licenses.  

In Texas, CEU By Net is licensed and certified  by multiple State Licensing and Certification Boards, to provide continuing education for both mental health and addiction professionals.

  • We are Licensed CE Provider #1877-12 for the Texas Certification Board of  Addiction Professionals (an IC&RC Member Board) and the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (whose programs are pre-approved by NAADAC). In Texas, LCDCs, AADCs, CCDSs, and CCSs take our courses for CE credit.

  • Texas Department of State Health Services Professional Licensing and Certification Unit licenses CEU By Net to provide online CE for the following Texas Boards:

  • TEXAS - LPC - Licensed Professional Counselors - Board Approved CE Provider #494

  • TEXAS - LCSW, LMSW, LBSW - Social Worker - Board Approved CE Sponsor #4670

  • TEXAS - LMFT, MFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Board Approved CE Sponsor #192

And OUTSIDE OF TEXAS, we're approved by State Boards in Alabama, Florida, and California, and by EACC and NBCC.  We are also automatically approved by IC&RC and NAADAC. Professionals holding the majority of mental health and AOD licenses take our courses. 

Please check the Interactive Map, to see which licenses are listed for your state. We don't list every applicable license for every state,and if you are unsure about the acceptability of our CE courses and CEUs or PDHs for YOUR license, email us and we will research it for you!


Here's a PARTIAL LIST of licenses found in the states which either APPROVE us automatically, or in which we meet all PUBLISHED criteria for "Accepted CE" for the given license:

  • Professional Counselors - LPC, LGPC, PLPC, PC, APC, LPCC, LPCA, CPC, LPCP, LCPC, LPCMH, LMHC, LCMHC, LMHP, PCMHC, LIMHP, PC, APC, LMHC, MHSP, RIC, RP, and other professionals.


  • Marriage and Family Therapists - LMFT, MFT, IMFT, CMFT, AMFT, LMFC, MFCC, MFTI, MFCI

  • EACC- Certified Employment Assistance Professionals - CEAP

  • Substance Abuse Counselors - LSAT, CSAC, LCDC, LCDP, CADC, LADC, LADAC, LCDC, LPAT, AADC, CCDS, CCS

  • Pastoral Counselors (CPT, PC), Art Therapists, School Counselors, and more!  


Our CE course content is current and relevant for licensed professionals who work in a variety of settings including private practice, schools, nursing facilities, Community MHMR Centers, hospitals, substance abuse treatment facilities, and other such agencies and organizations.

Our continuing education courses are designed to address core professional issues, ethics, and clinical approaches which are valid for multiple licenses - whether that be LPC, Social Workers, LMFT, LCPC, LMHP, LPCP, LMHC, AOD Addiction counselors, Pastoral Counselors, etc..

All of our CE Courses and CEUs or PDHs are designed with the interests and needs of contemporary professionals in mind. Our subject matter is oftentimes unique, and it deals with the 'hot' issues of the day. Such as? Surviving in a managed care environment. Ethics from both the traditional and the newly-relevant perspective. Treatment of cognitively impaired aging individuals. Treatment approaches when funding is limited and tightly controlled. Contemporary substance abuse and addiction treatment issues. Child and adolescent issues. Cultural Competence. And more.


Treatment of Aging Cognitive ConfusionAGING:  For those working with the geriatric population, we have a popular 4 credit hour (4 clock hour) Geriatric-Aging CE Course which provides a practical approach to treatment of early cognitive decline and behavioral dysfunction in the non-Alzheimer's elderly population.

The assessment and treatment interventions taught in this CEU course address non-Alzheimer's COGNITIVE CONFUSION AND IMPAIRMENT in aging individuals (which at times may mimic dementia).

We also address the serious BEHAVIORAL difficulties which oftentimes appear concurrently. Like what? Agitated and angry behavior, aggression, refusal to perform essential activities such as toileting, and bizarre behaviors which may lead to inpatient care if not stabilized. How best to approach these AGING issues, therapeutically, in a variety of treatment settings? That’s the focus of this course. View the demo   


ETHICS CEUs or PDHsprogram_and_clinical_shifts

[Go Directly To The Ethics Catalog for Details]

  • Our 3- and 4-clock hour credit Ethics Courses 3D and 4D are 'never-boring' unique slideshows entitled 'When Insurance Is Paying For Treatment - The Ethics of Clinical Documentation in Today's World'. Both address the shifts that have come with a new healthcare system, which impact our ethical foundation.

    Ethics 4D provides the same material as Ethics 3D - with additional material for one more credit hour.

  • Our 2-hour credit course, Ethics Course 2D is an Ethics course AND a Counseling Intervention Course - 'Advance Directives: Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care.' This course is appropriate for mental health professionals working with individuals in nursing facilities or hospitals or any location where clients and families are dealing with end of life issues. Also appropriate for AOD substance abuse counselors who are working with persons with HIV and AIDS.



mental_health_and _substance_abuse_CEUsCheck out our course which takes you 'Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad'. It's Substance Abuse and Mental Health ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSIS OF CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS (including those in acute high-risk crisis). This assessment course comes complete with free, modifiable forms to download.

And there is MORE on Assessment and Diagnosis of ADULTS with major mental illness and/or concurrent AOD disorders. TREATMENT methodology including our new 'Quiz Only' Course 2F Personality Disorders in Persons with HIV/AIDS.

And if you are seeing ADULT or CHILD AND ADOLESCENT clients whose TREATMENT is paid by an insurance company or other such contractor (HMO, MCO, the State, etc.), we have courses which cover the 'new nitty gritty' of DOCUMENTATION of your clients' treatment issues and services .... including the ETHICS of DOCUMENTATION in today's world.


managed_care_means_changes_for_us_all[Go directly to the Managed Care Catalog.]

Is Behavioral Health MANAGED CARE just about money and business? NO. Does it have a MAJOR impact upon how Mental Health and Chemical Dependency programs and licensed providers 'assess the need' for treatment and then 'deliver' the treatment? YES - it certainly does, as those of you who are already dealing with it know only too well. We've got some GREAT Managed Care survive-and-thrive stuff for you!

Our Managed Care courses include topics like how to avoid those duh!-type errors which can COST you big bucks. How to collect when the HMO has erroneously denied your claim. Which add-on contract opportunities are SAFE, and which have 'Don't even THINK about it!' written all over them. And other real-life sticky HMO issues!   

More On Surviving Managed Care

Want to know the inside nitty gritty about MANAGED CARE - including the how-to and the why-this? And it helps to know how MCOs think.

. . . OR IF YOU'RE ALREADY knee-deep into Managed Care, you can sit back and shout 'YES!' (or maybe 'NO!') as you scroll through our colorful slideshows about this most controversial of subjects, Behavioral Health Managed Care.

It's no-holds-barred stuff, telling it like it really is, in a way that will likely surprise you. Example: Our CE MiniCourse 2B, 'They're Coming To Audit WHEN?' Or check out some of our Managed Care topics here.

clinical_reasons_for_denied_claimsAnd what to do about those unpaid or denied insurance claims? Was this due to failure to document effectively? Failure to demonstrate Medical Necessity? Their error? Or one of those 'duh' errors on our part? Find out all the reasons why claims are denied - here on this site.

To learn more about CEU By Net, go to our About Us page.

And if you are interested in what OTHERS around the country think about MANAGED CARE - or want to scan a good GLOSSARY of behavioral health terms - just hop on over to our Links and Downloads page, and scroll down to PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES.  

Click these links to view the previews of Ethics 3D and 4D and Aging Course 4G ... or enroll in and watch our FREE short slide show course, Course 1B.

Quick Guide to Enroll in Courses and Take Quizzes

Our Philosophy of Quiz Construction

Welcome AMHCA COUNSELORS!  Get Mental Health CEUs Here - Unusually Affordable and Relevant to the Work You Do.

Quick Links to CEUs and PDHs, Below:

UNLIMITED CEUs!  Buy an Annual Subscription for Only $54.95 

And Get Unlimited CEUs or PDHs for One Full Year! 

'QUIZ ONLY COURSES'   Free to Read and Print - Pay only to take the quiz for a certificate.   






















. . . AND MORE!  

DEMO! Watch a PDF slide show preview of our most popular Ethics Courses, approved for both AOD and Mental Health providers - 3 and 4 CEUs or PDHs for each.

DEMO! Watch a slide show preview of our popular Aging Course - Mental Health Treatment of Early Cognitive Decline. Earns 4 CEUs or PDHs (credit hours) 

Get substance abuse and mental health CEUs or PDHs in multiple clinical subjects: 

Treatment Methods for MH and AOD  

Clinical Issues and Ethics in Managed Care  

Child and Adolescent Continuing Education CEUs or PDHs  

Personality Disorders in Persons with HIV/AIDS - 2 CEUs or PDHs  

Problem Drinking in Intimate Relationships - Domestic Violence Issues in Family and Couples Therapy - 5 CEUs or PDHs  

Quick List of Continuing Education Categories - What Are You Looking For?  

To the Entire Continuing Education Catalog

How Our Catalogs Are Organized  

How Do Our Online CE Quizzes Work?  

Our Site Overview Page


QUIZZES:  You can print a copy of the quiz before you start the course.  Just mark your answers on the quiz copy as you move through the material. Then when you are ready to take the quiz, simply take a couple of minutes to transfer your answers to the screen.  And click 'submit'.  It's so easy. 


Summaries of our catalogsOn our website we have a Catalog for Each Major Clinical Area - e.g., Ethics, Addiction, Child and Adolescent, Aging, CBT, Cultural Issues, etc..

For Your Convenience, If Relevant to More Than One Catalog, the Course Will Appear in Each Relevant Catalog, e.g., As in Both Ethics and AOD, or in Both Aging and Treatment Methods.

* ALL COURSES BY NUMBER OF CEU CREDITS - Need a specific number of CEUs or PDHs? This catalog will let you view the course titles that match the number of CEUs or PDHs you need.

* 'QUIZ ONLY' CEU COURSES - A new addition for this site ... offering links to carefully selected mental health and chemical dependency study materials which are FREE to view, free to download to your computer, and free to print (including a copy of the online quiz that you may choose to take). You may pay a fee to take the quiz online on our website, to obtain your instantly downloaded certificate. We will add several more such courses this summer.

* AGING CE COURSES - assessment and treatment of cognitive decline and behavioral issues in the elderly, triggered by a number of issues. * Also, assisting with Advance Directives for End of Life Care.

* ETHICS CE COURSES - ethics for mental health and AOD substance abuse providers, with a non-traditional focus, such as ....

- Assisting individuals and caregivers with Advance Directives - the decisions made for end of life care.

- The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying the Bill. How to cope - ethically - with the implications of those Care Management decisions, with which we may seriously disagree.

- The ethics of needing to document extensive clinical detail in our clients' clinical records -diagnosis(es) both single and dual, a detailed justification for a specific treatment based upon the new Level of Care criteria, and their response or non-response to treatment on an ongoing basis.

- How to respond to the insurance companies' new emphasis upon OUR clinical effectiveness with our clients.

* ADDICTION - AOD - DUAL DIAGNOSES CE COURSES - contemporary approaches to AOD treatment and intervention, including the Managed Health Care environment. Several new 'Quiz Only' courses.

- Family and couples treatment for problem drinking - 'Alcohol and Relationships: Problem Identification and Treatment'

- Psychotherapeutic Medications - What Every Counselor Should Know'

- Personality Disorders in Persons with HIV/AIDS

* CHILD AND ADOLESCENT CE COURSES - including a VERY popular course which teaches a structured approach to MH and SA/CD assessment and documentation of findings, in a manner which is thorough, accurate, and which protects us legally and professionally. Has some excellent downloadable prototype forms for biopsychosocial and risk assessments which you can use in your practice or program. Our clients LOVE these forms!

More Child and Adolescent Courses:

- Working with seriously ill children and their families regarding Advance Directives for End of Life Care.

- Maternal Depression and its impact on young children, from a cultural and community perspective.

- Family Therapy interventions when there is a drinking problem in the family - 'Alcohol and Relationships: Problem Identification and Treatment'

* MANAGED CARE CE COURSES - how to clinically adapt and cope with the expansion of Managed Care (quite relevant under the new national Health Care Reform) ... from the back room to the front lines of delivery of treatment. 12 courses, including a 10 credit course for $40.

* ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSIS CE COURSES - from children and adolescents, to maternal depression, to assessment of couples and families with alcohol issues, to geriatrics. Other clinical emphases coming very soon!

* TREATMENT DOCUMENTATION CE COURSES - the nitty gritty of day to day documentation under a new model of managed health care, to preparing for audits of your treatment records.

* TREATMENT METHODOLOGY CE - geared to Professional Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment issues and approaches, with multiple age groups and diagnoses

- child and adolescent, dual diagnosis mental health, AOD

- a group CBT approach to anger management for mental health and substance abuse clients

- family and couples therapy with 'problem drinkers'

- maternal depression

- cognitive decline and behavioral problems in geriatric individuals

- working with persons who are dying or facing threat to life (including but not limited to AIDS patients and those with cancer, Alzheimer's and high risk professions such as the deployed military and their families)

- a new 'Quiz Only' course, 'Psychotherapeutic Medications - What Every Counselor Should Know' Do you want to pass your next record audit when the insurance or state auditor shows up at your door or calls for a client's record? In our short Course 2B, you'll get clear cut, 1-2-3 how-to-do-it.  

Q: What States and Licenses Accept Our Continuing Education Courses and CEU Certificates?

A: Our Mental Health Continuing Education Courses and CEUs or PDHs are accepted by almost every state for most mental health and AOD licenses.

Q: But, What If CEU By Net Is Not Pre-Approved for Continuing Education In My State?

A:  We are a Certified Continuing Education Provider for National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), the international EACC, and multiple State Boards, including four Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) member states. Based upon these certifications, our AOD and Mental Health Continuing Education Courses and CEUs or PDHs are accepted in almost every state, for most mental health and substance abuse counselor licenses.

Examples: We offer online AOD and Mental Health CEUs for Counselors and Social Workers with varied licenses:  LPC, LMHC, LGPC, LMFT, MFT, APC, LPCP, LCPC, LMHP, LPCMH, LCSW, LAMSW, LISW, LSW, CMSW, CSW, PCMSW, APSW, AADC, CCDS, CCS, LCDC, and for most other Counselors' and Social Workers' licenses. For a more complete list of licenses, follow this link.

IF you are an LPC, Social Worker, LMFT, MFT, or other mental health or AOD professional, are you concerned about how the new Health Care Reform will affect how you treat your patients and clients? Not sure how to react to Managed Care from a clinical perspective? Wanting to know in advance where the 'potholes' are located? Then grab a seat and get a closeup view of what to expect and how to cope with it. We have twelve courses in our Managed Care Catalog which deal with this below.

- What, exactly, is a 'Capitation Contract'?

- How will the MCOs determine 'Medical Necessity' of treatment for your client, and how do you get approval for what he or she really needs?

- How does Care Management really work, from a clinical and medical perspective? Like, what about the ETHICS of how they work, and how does that impact us, the providers?

- And what do we need to place in clients' records to support this? How to do 'fool proof' clinical documentation in those treatment records? Learn which types of Provider Agreements or 'contract add-ons' are 'acceptable risk' and which ones have 'Don't even think about it!' written all over them! What are some good treatment program options to suggest to your insurance company?

- How to collect on those unpaid claims?


Watch a Slide Show Course Demo!

Watch the Geriatric Aging CE Course Demo, in a PDF slide show format. Or watch the Ethics CE Course Demo in a PDF slide show format. Click here for a Quiz Demo.

All of our courses are now offered in a PDF format so that mobile devices can view them.



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fast ceus online for Behavioral Health

CEU By Net! We present relevant, fresh insights to the new health care environment, for discriminating mental health and substance abuse treatment providers - 'round the clock! We are an approved CE Provider for NBCC, Texas, California, Alabama, and Florida - and our CEUs or PDHs are accepted in Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Alabama, Arizona, Wyoming, Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Idaho, Ohio, Washington, New Hampshire, Florida, and all other states which accept NBCC-approved Online CEU Courses and/or our multiple Social Worker Board approvals, i.e., in almost every state for most licenses. 

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"Thank you for your patience. I am not a computer whiz. I can even access the classes here at work with a schlup computer." -J.V., Portland, OR

"I am taking a class on a different site concurrently with yours.  I will sign up for your one year program. The deciding factor is your customer service: Over a weekend and holiday, it's has been impeccable, and more than I would have expected. ... Customer service tells a customer more about the company's ethics than anything else." - R.M., Los Angeles, CA. 

"I'm very well satisfied, not only with the IT staff but also by the quality of the courses."- B.K. - Fort Collins, CO

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