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CEU By Net - Online Continuing EducationAbout Us - CEU By Net! 

CEU by Net - Pendragon Online LLC  is an online Learning Management System (LMS) Program which is nationally and internationally certified as a Continuing Education Provider for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment professionals and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).  

Owner and Clinical Direction 

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CEU By Net currently offers over 190 Credit Hours of online Continuing Education.  Our course credits are licensed, certified, and pre-approved by NBCC, EACC-EAPA, IC&RC, NAADAC, Texas Certification Board (TCBAP-TAAP), Texas Mental Health Boards, California BBS, CCAPP, CAADE, CADTP, Florida CE Broker, Florida Certification Board, Florida Mental Health Board, and Texas HHSC for specialized programming. 

Based upon these credentials, most State Boards for Behavioral Health accept our course credits for multiple licenses. Our online courses and quizzes are available 24 hours per day - and you can view everything for FREE before you decide to register or enroll. 

We also HOST ONLINE TRAINING for mental health and addiction treatment providers, ISDs, US Government ( and CAGE code), and business organizations who want to offer online training and competency testing for their employees.  CEU By Net is an LLC with S-Corp election.


If you are a large or moderate sized company, organization, or educator and are looking for reliable, affordable online hosting of your in-house curricula and training programs, contact us!  Our website technology can accommodate large and small account populations and is designed for easy electronic enrollment, tracking of participants, records of courses taken, and testing results. 

Since 2006, we have provided automated online training, competency testing, and certification of thousands of public- and private-sector individuals, employed by both small and large service organizations, networks, corporations, ISDs, and private practices. 

And for smaller organizations such as Community Mental Health Centers, Drug Treatment Programs, ISDs, group practices, private practices, hospitals and rehab centers, consider our Annual Subscription for your employees - only $49.00 per person, for UNLIMITED CEU and PDH COURSES on our website for an entire year.  It's an extremely economical option. 90% of our customers buy the Annual Subscription - year after year.


 Welcome to CEU by Net

The Learning Website Dedicated to Inexpensive, Relevant Online Education and Instant Certificates for Mental Health and Addiction Professionals in Almost Every State.


We are NBCC ACEP#6338

CEU By Net is a certified CE provider for NBCC, EACC, Texas Certification Board [TCBAP, an IC&RC Member Board, and TAAP, a NAADAC-approved provider], and by multiple national and state professional boards and organizations to provide online Continuing Education to licensed behavioral health professionals, including Florida and California.  Our online courses are automatically approved or accepted by most states for most licenses based upon the following CE licenses and certifications:   



Approved Online CE Provider for NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors) #6338
♦ Pre-Approved CE Provider for NAADAC as a Licensed CE Provider for California CADTP, CAADE, and CCAPP, and Texas Association of Addiction Professionals
♦ California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) approved for Social Workers, LPCCs, LMFTs, and Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP) through our NBCC ACEP #6338.
♦ Provider of Approved PDHs in Domains I, II, and III for the international Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC-EAPA)
♦ Pre-Approved CE Provider for IC&RC as a Member Board CE Provider (Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals' Licensed CE Provider #1877-12 and California CCAPP)
♦ Approved CE Broker CE Provider #50-9610 - We upload your credits instantly
♦ Approved CE Provider for the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals #OS-18-288-0320 (CCAPP)  
♦ Approved CE Provider for California Association of DUI Treatment Programs #210 (CADTP) 
♦ Approved CE Provider for California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators #CP40102AH (CAADE) 
♦ Board-Approved CE Provider for Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling - CE Broker Provider #50-9610 - LMHC, LMFT, LCSW, and NCC ACEP  
♦ Recognized and Accepted CE Provider for Florida Certification Board (FCB) for CAPs Based Upon Our NBCC ACEP #6338, EACC-EAPA PDH status, and CE Provider License for IC&RC Member Board TCBAP. 
♦ Rule-Approved CE Provider for the Texas Social Work Board - Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners [An ASWB State Board]
♦ Pre-Approved CE Provider for Alabama State Board of Social Work Examiners based upon our NBCC ACEP #6338 and our Florida Board of Clinical Social Work CE #50-9610.
♦ Rule-Approved CE Provider for Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors
♦ Rule-Approved CE Provider for Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists
♦ Licensed CE Provider #1877-12 for Texas Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (TCBAP) and Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP)


This Continuing Education website's Technical Administrator is M. S. Watson, owner of Pendragon Consulting Services.  Pendragon Consulting Services provides our IT programming, technical support, ongoing site management and security through Amazon Cloud Services, and purchase processing through PayPal - the largest credit card gateway in the world.  If there are technical issues with the site, please email us at 


MARSHA WATSON NAYLOR, MA, LPC - Owner and Clinical Director of CEU By NET - Pendragon Online LLC   

Ms. Naylor's expertise in Behavioral Health is based on knowledge gathered in a 40-year career within the mental health and AOD fields, which has included the operation of both inpatient facilities and outpatient programs, as well as several years as an administrator at the State level. 

Marsha is a former Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Texas Department of MHMR, and has seventeen years’ experience as a national level consultant to multiple organizations including Behavioral Health Provider Networks, the Managed Care Industry, State Legislators and Advocacy groups, the Annie E Casey Foundation, the Center for Health Care Strategies, and other mental health and addiction organizations. 

As Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Mental Health, for the Texas Department of MHMR (now part of Texas DSHS), she provided direct consultation and oversight of multiple State Hospitals and Community MHMR Centers, assisting the facilities in development of inpatient and community programs to bring the State into compliance with the RAJ vs. Miller Federal Class Action Settlement Agreement.   

From 1992 until 2008, Naylor & Associates (owned and operated by Marsha Naylor, MA, LPC) maintained an active nationwide consultation and training practice focusing upon the development of inpatient and outpatient behavioral health treatment programs within a managed care environment.

Consultation first focused upon work with private and not-for-profit mental health and addiction treatment agencies, helping them to compete in non-traditional ways with the publicly funded mental health centers and psychiatrists who tended to dominate the provision of State and Federal treatment programming.  

The new HMOs and BHOs that were breaking into the Medicaid administration business at that time needed an understanding of 'non-traditional treatment' as an alternative to the in-office services that had been typically provided by psychiatrists.  And therefore, Naylor's work expanded to consultation with private and commercial HMOs and BHOs, who were struggling to enter the Medicaid Managed Care market, as well as with States who were now putting contracts out for bid under Medicaid Managed Care.

This work included the difficult process of moving publicly funded behavioral health agencies and private MH and AOD treatment programs into a format and philosophy which was workable for contracting with HMOs, BHOs, and MCOs within a Care Management framework. In recent years, the Care Management emphasis brought virtually all commercial insurance companies into the picture, for those in private practice who choose to work as part of a provider panel or network.

The current struggle of counselors to become recognized by Medicare is not unlike that of all behavioral health providers over the past two decades, to gain a place on a 'provider panel' of HMOs and BHOs. Provider networks have taken over a large proportion of the mental health and addiction treatment landscape, as an effective way to deliver care under a Managed System of Behavioral Health Care.

Ten years ago Naylor & Assoc. moved the training venue to the internet, through the partnership with Pendragon Consulting Services to form Pendragon Associates LLC, d.b.a CEU By Net - a certified online Continuing Education Provider at the state and national level.

The customers and clients of Naylor & Associates [now CEU By Net - Pendragon Online LLC] over the years have included: 

We have authored multiple successful RFPs and service initiation grant applications for HMOs, BHOs, and our CD and SA provider clients, and have delivered administrative and direct services to mental health and addiction treatment facilities over the years, on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.   

Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency Experience and Focus:

In addition to our many years working in and providing education to the mental health and substance abuse treatment fields, we have provided training for traditional Chemical Dependency Treatment Program providers in Nevada, under a Federal CSAT information dissemination grant awarded to the University of Nevada at Reno, regarding preparation for managed systems of care.


National Conferences and Special Consultation:

Over the years, Naylor & Associates has been a frequent presenter at national conferences and seminars related to preparation of providers to work within a managed system of care - including national seminars and workshops in Texas, Atlanta, Washington DC, New Jersey, Raleigh-Durham, Orlando, and Arlington, Virginia. Additionally, Naylor & Assoc. served as a resource consultant to the Texas Mental Health advocacy community, and collaborated on a chapter of Faulkner and Gray's 1997 Behavioral Health Outcomes.      

need_urgent_helpNeed to contact us with questions about courses or our CE approvals or online procedures?  Please send us an email to  It's the best way to get a written response the same day, which you can refer to later as needed.  For urgent needs, please text us or call us at (214) 402-2001.  We are here from noon until 10:00 PM Central Time (and oftentimes later), 7 days a week - holidays included!


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