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ATTC Network, Human Priorities, CSAT, and SAMHSA - 'Finding Balance After the War Zone - Considerations in the Treatment of Post-Deployment Stress Effects - A Guide for Clinicians'.

CEU By Net offers you online, approved CE credit in the assessment and effective treatment of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans who have returned with unique, traumatic stress injuries including PTSD, TBI, and SUD.

These trauma-related injuries are a complex mix of neurobiological and emotional injury that is often referred to as 'silent injury'—unlike injury experienced in any previous war. If you need an understanding of 'silent injuries' in Middle East war veterans, you will find it here.  

There are several new approaches to address the various trauma-related symptoms experienced by Middle East veterans.  These include prolonged exposure therapy (PE) and eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). This course does not attempt to address these semi-experimental treatments. 

However, these courses seek to give you an essential understanding of the psychophysiological nature of the damage incurred by Iraq and Afghanistan war zone veterans over the past several years. The damage is substantively different from all previous wars and necessarily impacts your therapeutic approach.

The emotional reaction to returning home is also different than seen in previous wars. Returning home is often felt to be 'the hardest part of the war' for Middle East War veterans—an emotion that is inherently affected by the unique military culture.  

Take these two courses and learn the reasons for these unique Middle East War Veteran reactions, the military culture, and how these factors impact your treatment approach. 

Learn why self-directed treatment strategies are essential for Middle East War veterans and other individuals with PTSD, and how the telemental health modality supports that need.



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Relevant Courses Available to You Here

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Course 3TMH—Video Telemental Health Course for Treatment of PTSD in Veterans  

Course 5K—5 Credit Hours—Part 1 of 'Finding Balance After the War Zone 

Course 5L—5 Credit Hours—Part 2 of 'Finding Balance After the War Zone



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