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Unlimited CEUs $54.95.  Pay Only For Quiz


Welcome to CEU By Net!  On this website, you can view all of our online Mental Health and Addiction CEU courses and their quizzes for FREE before you decide to register on the site or enroll in a course. You pay only if you want to take the online quizzes to earn downloadable Continuing Education certificates.    



New  Risk Management Course - 7.5 CEUs, Pending 7.5 Domain II EACC

New Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health - 3 CEUs

New  After the Suicide:  A Toolkit for Schools Course 6B 

New   Texas-Specific Ethics Course for Texas LPCs - 2 CEUs

New  Ethics Course 4B    New LGBTQ COURSE 6J

New  Complex Trauma, Families, and Youth - Course 2J

Quick Guide to Enroll in Courses and Take Quizzes 


Go to the BOTTOM of this page for ALL course titles.


CEU By Net is a licensed and certified CE Provider for NBCC, EACC, FCB, TCBAP and IC&RC, TAAP and NAADAC, and multiple State Certification and Licensing Boards for Addiction and Mental Health counselors, social workers, LMFTs, and CEAPs.  New - We are now an Approved CE Provider for California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). 


You can purchase an Annual Subscription for only $54.95, which allows you to earn UNLIMITED CEUs and Credit Hours and PDHs for an entire year at no additional charge.  It's our most popular purchase option.   You can also purchase individual courses 'a la carte' if you need only a couple of courses. But the Subscription is worth considering.


Jump to the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE for course titles.




Why do we allow you to read all of the mental health and addiction course materials and the quizzes for free?  Without even registering on the site?  Because we want you to be fully aware of the course content and to determine its relevance to the work you do - and to see the type of quizzes we administer - before you enroll in a course.  

The quizzes contain the most important information in the course. That is how we construct our quizzes.  We want you to learn the most important things in every course. That's our philosophy.

Open Access Courses and Quizzes


Because this is an 'open access' continuing education program, you can print most of the courses and our copyrighted quizzes, without registering on the site. You register and enroll and pay only if you decide to take and pass quizzes, to earn instantly downloadable CE certificates for mental health and addiction license renewal.   



We offer more than 100 Clock Hours of CE Credit on this website. Go to the bottom of this page for a list of all course titles. There, you can view course descriptions and the actual course documents and their quizzes - for FREE.


HINT: If you are looking for specific topics, you can click the COURSES TAB on our menu bar above (it's to the left of 'Support'), and scroll down the drop-down list to find topics which interest you. Click the topic tab, and you will be taken to a specific page or catalog to see all of the courses that pertain to that topic.



You can READ the course materials and quizzes for FREE in all of our catalogs - including this one - even before you decide to register on the site or enroll in the course. 

How to enroll in courses and take quizzes? First, go to the bottom of the page and click the + sign in front of a course title that interests you. This will open up the description of the course content and goals.  

THEN, at the bottom of the description, click the second + sign:  You will see links to view the course materials and copies of the quizzes - for FREE.   


Please NOTE:  You cannot actually take quizzes in the catalog.  You are viewing a COPY of the quiz in the catalog. To actually take the quiz, you must log into your account, ENROLL IN THE COURSE, and take the quiz from INSIDE your account.


Here are specific instructions for enrolling in courses and taking quizzes, 1-2-3:  

(1) REGISTER to get a password and username

(2) Make sure you are LOGGED IN to your account when you are ready to enroll in a course

(3) GO TO THE CATALOG TO READ COURSE DESCRIPTIONS AND ENROLL IN COURSES.  You can read the course materials and the quizzes for FREE if you want. You will find them by clicking the second + sign, at the very bottom of every course description.

(4) ENROLL in a course by clicking 'SIGN UP NOW' to the left of the course description - and you can ignore the price tags below the 'Sign Up Now' button, IF you have an Annual Subscription

 (5) After you click SIGN UP NOW, follow the prompts to PAY for the course - UNLESS you have an Annual Subscription, in which case you pay nothing to enroll 

(6) To go to the quiz-taking area:  CLICK 'STUDENT HOME' on the menu bar to go to your 'My Home Page'.  There you will see all of the courses in which you have enrolled thus far.  CLICK THE NAME OF THE COURSE for which you want to take the quiz(zes). 

(7) You will now be on the Study Guides and Quizzes page for that course!  You will see the LINKS to download the course materials and to take the quiz or quizzes to earn your certificate.  

  • Most of our courses have only one Study Guide (like a 'chapter') and one quiz.  Some courses have more than one Study Guide (more than one 'chapter') and there will be a quiz for each Study Guide.  For example:  If there are three Study Guides in the course, you will take three quizzes. 

  • You will be able to see how many Study Guides and Quizzes there are in a course by either  

    (1) going to the bottom of the course description in the catalog where you can view all of the study guides and quizzes in each course for free, or   

    (2) going to your My Home Page and CLICKING THE TITLE of a course in which you have enrolled.  You will immediately see a link to each Study Guide and each Quiz in the course.  

    If you see three quiz links there, you will know that you have to pass three quizzes to get your certificate.  If you see only one quiz link, you know that you have to pass only one quiz.

  • Remember that after you pass ALL of the quizzes in a course (whether that's one or more than one), you must complete and submit the feedback form. You can't miss it!  You will see a big blue link that says "Congratulations!  You are almost done!  Please complete the feedback form, to get your certificate." 





To help you locate courses in the topics which are of specific interest to you, we have set up several 'SUBJECT' CATALOGS (e.g., Child and Adolescent, Ethics, Domestic Violence, Assessment and Diagnosis, Aging, Cultural Issues, Alcohol and Drug, Veterans,  etc.). Just CLICK THE 'COURSES' TAB on our menu bar above, and scroll down the drop-down list to find what you are looking for.

  Adolescents and SUDs

NOTE:  Each course is included in ALL of the catalogs which apply to it - including this 'Pay Only For Quiz' catalog, which contains all of the courses we offer

For example, a course about the treatment of children and adolescents for substance use disorders - like Course 3H - will appear in the following four catalogs: Child and Adolescent, Addiction (CD-SA-AOD), Treatment Methodology, and this 'Pay Only for Quiz' catalog.     


Looking for FREE Courses?  We offer two.  One is a journal-type, text document and one is a PDF slideshow course.  Click here to read more.    



FREE TO READ AND PRINT:  Mental Health CE Courses Online

Because this site is an 'open access' website, you can read everything - and can print 95% of it - for free. We did this partially because of NBCC's and other accreditation entities' desire that professionals know the quality and relevance of the courses they enroll in, in advance.  This makes sense.  But some people question why we allow you to see the quizzes in advance.   This is why:


Research tells us that 'open book quizzes' are the most efficient approach to learning because it is a guide to the 'most important things' in the course.  If you pass the quiz, you have demonstrated COMPETENCE in the course material, because you have learned the 'most important things'. On our site, therefore, we use the quiz as a GUIDE to 'the most important things' in the course.


Our approach to QUIZ TAKING makes reading through online courses much easier.  The quiz - to which you have access in advance - provides a STRUCTURE for learning the material.


So just print a paper copy of the quiz before you start reading the course materials, and mark answers on your quiz copy as you read along.  This is, in essence, an 'open book pre-test'.


THEN when you are ready to TAKE THE ELECTRONIC ONLINE QUIZ, log in to your account, open the quiz on your screen, and take a couple of minutes to transfer your answers from your quiz copy to the screen.  Easy.


To VIEW an example (a COPY) of an online mental health and addiction CE quiz, click here. This quiz sample is for our FREE-TO-READ sponsored course on Prevention of Suicide in LGBT Adolescents and Young Adults. NOTE: You cannot take the quiz using this COPY. You must enroll in the course if you want to take the quiz for credit.


We offer two (2) FREE COURSES with instant CERTIFICATES.  These courses are a good introduction to our courses, our quizzes, and how easy it is to earn an instantly downloadable certificate. 

You will need to register in order to actually enroll in these free courses.  However, you can VIEW 'Free Course 1D' and 'Free Course 1B'  and their quizzes before you decide if you want to register or enroll in the course - as you can with all courses on this website.    

  • Free Course 1D  is a journal article course in a PDF format which will give you a good idea of how to navigate our courses and quizzes. It's in a text format, like all of the courses in this 'Quiz Only' catalog.

  • Free Course 1B is a very popular slideshow in a PDF format that deals with Managed Care, a.k.a., Health Care Reform.  This short course provides a good overview of the issues which are currently challenging Behavioral Health providers, in this new era of Health Care Reform.  It's easy to read - lots of bullets! - and easy to navigate.  Move forward and backward through the slides at your own pace.     

 You can click the links above to view these two Free Course descriptions.    



  • We currently offer over 150 Clock Hours of online CE Credit – all of which are pre-approved by National and State Licensure and Certification Boards for Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors, LMFTs, CEAPs, and Addiction Professionals 

  • NBCC ACEP#6338 Florida licensees, we are now DUALLY APPROVED for LMHCs, Social Workers, LMFTs, and CAPs.  Go here for Florida details!  

CEU By Net is ACEP #6338 for the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC).  NCCs and other mental health professionals whose board requires NBCC Credit Hours will claim the number of NBCC Credit Hours that appears in the first or second paragraph of the course description AND on the course certificate. 

  • FOR ADDICTION PROFESSIONALS:   CEU By Net is a licensed CE Provider #1877-12 for Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals (TCBAP) and for the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP).

    Why is this important? TCBAP is an IC&RC Member Board, and thus our courses are accepted by IC&RC.  TAAP and its CE Providers and Courses are pre-approved by NAADAC. See Addiction Catalog for specific courses approved for Addiction, which includes almost every course on our website. 


US MILITARY AND DOT:   Our courses are automatically accepted by all Branches of the US Military for Addiction CE credit, and by DOT for SAPs, because we are an IC&RC Member Board CE Provider. 


FOR CEAPs:  Our courses are approved for PDHs for CEAPs, by  EACC-EAPA


Approved_StatesBased upon the credentials found on our Approved States page, our courses are accepted by most states for multiple licenses. You can CLICK HERE to see the approvals information that we have for YOUR state. 

All of the licensees who can take our courses may not be listed on your state's information page.  However, on the list found here you may see certification entities which your Board considers to be an 'Acceptable Source of Continuing Education' (such as approval by NBCC or NAADAC or EACC or another State Licensing Board). If you don't find what you need to know, please contact us and we will be happy to research it for you.

WE ARE MULTIPLY APPROVED IN FLORIDA!  Go here to read the details.




If you click a link to open a course, but the link doesn't open up, please TURN OFF YOUR POPUP BLOCKERS!  Click here to see how.   


Plus    Course 3T - Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health
Plus    Course 6B - After a Suicide: Toolkit for Schools
Plus    Course 7R - Essentials of Risk Management
Plus    Course 2G - Texas-Specific Ethics for LPCs
Plus     Course 6J - Ending Conversion Therapy_Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Youth
Plus    Course 5K - Part 1 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    Course 5L - Part 2 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    Course 4J - Anger Management: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual
Plus    Course 3H - Principles of Adolescent SUD Assessment and Treatment - A Research-Based Practical Guide
Plus    Course 2J_Basic Guide to Traumatic Stress, Complex Trauma, and Resilience
Plus    Ethics Course 4B_Rights of Persons Living with Serious Mental Illness and Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders - Our Ethical and Practical Responsibilities
Plus    AOD Course 5H - Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships: Identification and Intervention with Families and Couples
Plus    Course 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad! Biopsychosocial and Risk Assessment and Diagnosis of Children and Adolescents - from Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom
Plus    [Florida] Ethics 3C - Beyond the Yellow Legal Pad: From Ethics to Practice and Into the Courtroom
Plus    FREE Course 1B - It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy - Intro to Goals, Clinical Concerns, and Opportunities In Behavioral Health Managed Care
Plus    Ethics 4D - When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying the Bill – The Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas
Plus    Ethics 3D - The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying The Bill
Plus    Course 5J - Suicide Risk and Prevention for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth
Plus    Course 5N - Growing Up Girl - Girls Matter!
Plus    Course 3I - Bullying Prevention and Response - A Training Guide for Use Within Schools and the Community
Plus    FREE Course 1D - 'Substance Abuse: Clinical Issues in Intensive Outpatient Treatment'
Plus    [Florida] Course 5K_DV_Part 1 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    [Florida] Course 5L_DV_Part 2 of Finding Balance After the War Zone
Plus    Course 6A - Mental Health Response to Mass Violence and Terrorism: A Training Manual
Plus    Course 3B - The Big Transition in the AOD Field: Managed Care, the ACA, Justifying Need for Treatment - Oh How It's Changed!
Plus    Course 3A - Managed Care - Is There Anything GOOD About It?
Plus    Course 2E - The Treatment and Management of Depression in Adults
Plus    Course 2H - HIV and AOD Issues with Adolescents and Families
Plus    Course 2F - Personality Disorders in Patients With HIV/AIDS
Plus    Course 3J - Professional Guide to Supporting LGBTQI2-S Children and Adolescents
Plus    Course 2D - The Ethics of Advance Directives: Assisting Clients and Families with Plans for End of Life Care Including HIV-AIDS
Plus    Course 2B - They're Coming to Audit WHEN? a.k.a. 'What Can Go WRONG In That Chart?'
Plus    Course 2C - We Have to Change WHAT?
Plus    Managed Care Course 4A - This Is Managed Behavioral Health Care - and It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy!
Plus    Revised Aging Course 4G - Assessment and Treatment of [Non-Alzheimer's] Cognitive and Behavioral Dysfunction in Aging Adults
Plus    Course 4H - Psychotherapeutic Medications: What Every Counselor Should Know
Plus    Course 3F - A Community Approach to Reducing Maternal Depression and Its Impact on Young Children
Plus    Course 1C - Cost Containment (Capitation) and You! How It Affects Referral and Treatment Services.
Plus    Managed Care Course 5A - Welcome to Care Management! Do They REALLY Need Treatment?
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