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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Get CBT CEUs Here!


Welcome to CEU By Net. This Is Our 'CBT Courses' Page.


Take Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Courses and Earn CEUs Approved for Mental Health and Addiction Counselors, Therapists, and Social Workers - Including NBCC Credit Hours and EACC PDHs.  


There are multiple CBT treatment approaches for use with a diverse client population.  The courses offered by CEU By Net include CBT for treatment of Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Complex Trauma, Family and Couples Alcohol Problems, and Post-Deployment Trauma Experienced by War Zone Veterans.  Our newest sponsored course - 'Trauma-Informed Care for Behavioral  Health' - offers an overview of trauma plus CBT interventions for specific trauma-related symptoms.  


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Course Approvals

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With the purchase of our Annual Subscription for $54.95, you can take unlimited courses for one entire year at no additional charge.  To view the array of course topics, click COURSES on our menu bar above.  You'll see a drop-down list.  Click any area that interests you. 


CBT - Learn how to use it.



Two CBT courses which are particularly popular are Course 4J and Course 5H, which are approved for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in FLORIDA.  These courses are also approved for CE Credit by NBCC, multiple Texas State Boards, EACC, Florida CE Broker, California BBS, and Alabama Board for Social Workers .... and are accepted in most other states for most mental health and addiction licenses.

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Link to Course 4J - 'Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual' is appropriate for Mental Health, AOD, and Dual Diagnosis treatment and counseling providers, including any professional or case manager who works with Anger Management issues or Domestic Violence - either short-term or in extended care. This structured approach is particularly appropriate in a group counseling environment. 


The approach used in the intervention model described in this training manual is a combined CBT approach that employs relaxation, cognitive thought processes, and communication skills intervention in a group therapy modality.  Approved by CE Broker for Domestic Violence in Florida.


CBT for Domestic Violence and ConflictLink to Course 5H - 'Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships: Identification and Intervention'.  

This study material is a current publication of the NIAAA and the National Institute of Health, intended for education and training purposes. 

Domestic violence, infidelity, marital conflict, and financial instability are oftentimes associated with under-the-radar PROBLEM DRINKING.  This course presents CBT interventions to address the underlying issue as well as the overt behavioral problems which are threatening to derail the relationship, including domestic violence.  When domestic violence is clearly a threat to safety, specific actions to safeguard children and the non-abusing parent are detailed.  Approved by CE Broker for Domestic Violence in Florida.


Link to Course 5K - Part 1 of 'Finding Balance After the War Zone - Considerations in the Treatment of Post-Deployment Stress Effects - A Guide for Clinicians' - 5 Credit Hours

This course (5K) addresses the ASSESSMENT and TREATMENT of War Zone Stress Injuries, and also presents an excellent explanation of the unique CULTURE of Military Service Units in the War Zone - both while there and after they are re-deployed to home.  This course explores the reason why most War Zone veterans feel that the hard part of the war is 'coming home.'  Effective treatment is primarily CBT, helping the Veteran to find his or her own recovery motivation and style. 


Link to Course 5L - Part 2 of 'Finding Balance After the War Zone - Considerations in the Treatment of Post-Deployment Stress Effects - A Guide for Clinicians'

Course 5L is a companion course to Course 5K.  Course 5L works more directly with the nuances of interaction between the provider and the War Zone veteran - including how to avoid iatrogenic effects (unintentional injury or worsening of the client's condition). Effective treatment is primarily CBT, helping the Veteran to find his or her own recovery motivation and approach to reducing the effects of post-deployment Stress Injuries. The CULTURE of the military unit at war is also discussed in more depth.   


Complex Trauma, Families, and Youth - Course 2J

Course 3H - Principles of Adolescent SUD Treatment:  A Researched-Based Practical Guide.

Course 3T -  Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health 


CEU By Net is a nationally accredited NBCC ACEP and EACC Online Continuing Education Provider.  We are also licensed/approved as a CE Provider for multiple Texas, California, Florida, and Alabama State Boards, and are accepted by most other states.  To check YOUR STATE, GO HERE.  Mental Health and Substance Abuse professionals who take our courses hold many licenses, COUNSELOR, SOCIAL WORKER, and LMFT.    





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