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Welcome to CEU By NetAre You Looking for HIV and AIDS CEUs and Other Online Continuing Education Courses for Addiction Counselors?


If so, you can get six credit hours of online CE training in HIV and AIDS counseling intervention here on this site. We are an Approved CE Provider for TCBAP, TAAP, IC&RC, NAADAC, NBCC, EACC, and Multiple State Boards for Counselors, Social Workers, and MFTs. 


You can also earn Unlimited CEU Credit Hours on this site for only $54.95 per Year, with our popular Annual Subscription.  



We Offer Relevant, Inexpensive Continuing Education Courses for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Professionals - Including Online CE Courses in HIV and AIDS. 

HIV and AIDS Counseling CEUsAre you a CEAP, LEP, LMFT, LPC or other Mental Health Counselor?  Or an LCSW or other Social Worker?  Or an LCDC, LSAT, CSAC, LCDP, CADC, LADC, LADAC, LPAT, AADC, CCDS, CCS, CAP, Pastoral Therapists and Pastoral Counselors, or other professional working with AOD and Dual Addiction-Mental Health Issues? 

We Offer 3 HIV-AIDS Courses with Enough Total Credits to Satisfy Most CE Requirements for Counseling and Intervention with Persons with HIV-AIDS - Including HIV and AIDS Counseling with Adolescents and Their Families.  


Course 2H HIV and AOD Issues with Adolescents and Families   
Course 2F Personality Disorders in Persons with HIV and AIDS   
Course 2D Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care 


These courses are 'open access' public domain courses.  This means that you can read, download, save, and print the course materials - AND the quizzes which we have developed - for FREE, BEFORE you decide if you want to enroll in the course to earn a certificate.   You will earn certificates by passing quizzes and completing the Feedback forms.  View the materials by clicking the links at the BOTTOM of the course description in the catalog.

You can take UNLIMITED COURSES FOR FREE on this website for one entire year if you purchase an Annual Subscription for only $54.95.  With an Annual Subscription, you can take as many courses as you want at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, with no limitations or restrictions, for an entire year from date of purchase.  That includes these three HIV-AIDS counseling courses, plus everything else on our website, including any new courses we add during the year.       





'Course 2H - HIV and AOD Issues with Adolescents and Families' ...... Only $18 if bought separately, or take the course for free with an Annual Subscription. It's a FREE-TO-READ Course. 

This course has two sections - both of which are published journal articles which we are sponsoring together for 2 CE Credit Hours (total) on this website. Each section (i.e., 'chapter') of the course has a short quiz.  You must pass both quizzes to receive a certificate. 

The first Study Guide in Course 2H pertains specifically to assessment and counseling with adolescents and young adults who are HIV-infected or diagnosed with AIDS.

The second Study Guide in this course focuses upon the impact of HIV and AIDS upon the family - particularly when it is the parent or caretaker who is ill - and how to address the multiple issues within the family in a therapeutic manner. Includes the complicated family dynamics which are present when the infected parent is not able or willing to share the specifics of his or her illness with children in the family, and how to approach this therapeutic challenge. 

Both of these professional articles (which we are sponsoring on our CE website for CE Credit) are published and copyrighted by the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute’s Clinical Guidelines Development Program, The HIV Clinical Education Initiative (CEI) in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Division of Infectious Diseases.  


'Course 2F - Personality Disorders in Persons with HIV/AIDS'. Only $18 if bought separately, or take the course for free with an Annual Subscription. It's a FREE-TO-READ Course. 

This assessment and treatment course addresses the behavioral health counseling side of HIV/AIDS health care when working with HIV-infected individuals who have a co-occurring diagnosis of Personality Disorder. Special attention is devoted to the TREATMENT TEAM interactions and communications which are necessary to work with HIV-AIDS patients who have a co-occurring Personality Disorder. 

This sponsored publication is published and copyrighted by the New York AIDS Institute’s Clinical Guidelines Development Program, a division of HIV Clinical Education Initiative (CEI), in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Division of Infectious Diseases.  

Say the authors: "This chapter focuses on the fixed patterns of behavior and interpersonal relationships that characterize personality disorders, particularly the ways in which these behaviors impact medical care. Because interaction with others can be challenging for patients with personality disorders, they may be averse to medical treatment. Patients with personality disorders may want care but may not know how to accept it. .... Clinicians can interact with these patients effectively with a plan that focuses on support between the patient and the care team."     


Course 2D - Advance Directives: Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care. This is a FREE-TO-READ course. Pay ONLY for the quiz - $18.00. (Or get it for free with an Annual Subscription.)

This course is both a 'Counseling Intervention Course' and an 'Ethics Course' which is appropriate for those working with HIV-AIDS patients and their partners and/or family members regarding their preferences for End of Life Care.

The course presents several classifications of medical patients for whom End of Life Care is an issue - adults and children with cancer or other critical illnesses or injuries, those with Alzheimer's and strokes, those in nursing homes or hospice care, those with HIV-AIDS, etc..

This research publication helps to DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN these categories of individuals for whom Advance Directives are an issue, and the differences in the counseling approach depending upon the situation, e.g., HIV/AIDS (where there is considerable uncertainty about when death is likely to occur) vs. an imminently terminal situation. A structured approach to the intervention and counseling interview is presented.

Why can this course be counted EITHER as a treatment intervention course or an ethics course? Because the issue of counseling dying or gravely ill or at-risk people and their families regarding their decisions for End of Life Care (Advance Directives) is fraught with both ethical and intervention issues.

The counselor is assisting individuals and families to make a decision about the care they will receive (or not receive) in the final stages of terminal illness or injury. Choices they need to make include DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) or 'IV hydration but no IV nourishment', or 'maintain fluids and nourishment indefinitely' or 'no mechanical respiration' vs. 'all life support measures possible', and the like.  

Such counseling assistance is a delicate matter and can be difficult for counselors to carry out without inadvertently inserting their own biases into the intervention. The materials provide a ‘KNOWLEDGE FRAMEWORK’ and 'GUIDELINES' for counseling individuals and families with differing medical issues and life circumstances -- and to do it ethically.  

The course is appropriate for LCDCs, LADCs, CADCs, LCDPs, LPCs, Social Workers, LMFTs, Pastoral Counselors, and others in the chemical dependency and mental health fields whose clients (or their partners or family members) have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. The course also applies to other critically ill or injured adults or children and their families - anyone for whom the end of life is a current and present issue. This course helps counselors DIFFERENTIATE between the various diagnostic and situational groups regarding the approach to use, as the various categories of individuals and their families tend to deal with these issues differently.  





We are a licensed CE Provider for Texas Certification Board for Addiction Professionals (TCBAP) and are therefore IC&RC approved.  We are also a licensed CE Provider for Texas Association for Addiction Professionals (TAAP), and our course credits are therefore accepted by NAADAC.   Our courses and credits are approved by NBCC and EACC, and by State Boards in Texas, Florida, and Alabama, and accepted in California through our NBCC ACEP Provider status.  Our course credits are accepted by most other states for most licenses based upon these certifications. See our interactive map for YOUR STATE, at /approved_states#interactive_map.


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