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Aging CEUs Here


Welcome to CEU By Net!  This Is the Aging and Geriatrics Course Catalog. Earn California BBS CEUs for Aging and Learn Interventions That Work for Stress-Based Cognitive Confusion and Behavior Disturbance in the Elderly. 


The three courses in the Aging Catalog meet criteria for California BBS Aging CEUs, NBCC credit hours, EACC CEAP PDHs, and State Board Approvals for Counselors, Social Workers, MFTs and Addiction Professionals.

Aging Courses for CA BBS, CEAPs, Social Workers, and Counselors


Our most popular aging course is Aging Course 4G which presents a strength-based, targeted approach to the assessment and treatment of non-Alzheimer's cognitive confusion and difficult behavior disturbance in the elderly. 


Not all cognitive impairment and behavioral disturbance in aging adults is due to Alzheimer's Disease.  Such symptoms are oftentimes an acute reaction to destabilizing events and circumstances, exacerbated by depression and sometimes by non-Alzheimer's cognitive impairment brought on by SUDs. 

  • With extensive use of vignettes, this PDF slideshow course teaches a practical approach to stabilize behavior and cognition in aging adults using structured, strength-based interventions which can be taught to family members and facility caregivers - oftentimes augmented by medical prescription for anti-depressants.  


Read the course materials and their quizzes for free, by clicking the + signs at the bottom of this page.  We offer three very different types of Aging Courses in this course catalog: 

  • Strength-Based Approaches to Non-Alzheimer's Cognitive Confusion and Disruptive Behavior in the Elderly

  • Treatment of Depression in Adults - The Stepped Care Model

  • Counseling with clients, families, and partners about Preferences for End of Life Care - The Ethics and The Approach. 


For a Quick Summary of the Three Aging Courses, Go Here to Our
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Plus    Revised Aging Course 4G - Assessment and Treatment of [Non-Alzheimer's] Cognitive and Behavioral Dysfunction in Aging Adults
Plus    Course 2D - The Ethics of Advance Directives: Assisting Clients and Families with Preferences for End of Life Care Including Those with HIV-AIDS
Plus    Course 2E - Treatment and Management of Depression in Adults - The Stepped Care Model
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