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Welcome to CEU By Net's Ethics Page!

Welcome to CEU By Net's 'Ethics' Page! We Offer Unique and Non-Traditional Ethics Continuing Education Courses Here On This Website, Approved by NBCC, EACC, TAAP (IC&RC), NAADAC, and Multiple State Boards.  

These Ethics CEUs and PDHs Are Appropriate for LPCs and Other Counselors, CEAPs, LMFTs, Social Workers, LEPs, and Other Behavioral Health Providers  - for Both Mental Health and AOD - in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Oregon, Vermont, Maryland, Montana, and Most Other States.

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There Are Currently More Than 100 Credit Hours Available for Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Continuing Education on This Site - and More to Come. For some quick links to our topics other than Ethics, click here.

Note:  FOR THE DEFINITION OF 'CEU' and 'PDH' when earned on this site, CLICK HERE.



Our 2-, 3-, and 4-credit hour Ethics Courses are definitely unique and non-traditional.  We address the new ethical issues which come with working within a Managed Care and Health Care Reform Environment, and also the ethics of counseling clients and their families and partners about End of Life Care. 

These courses are geared to the PRACTICAL ethics-related treatment activities and dilemmas of today's Social Workers, LMFTs and MFTs, Professional Counselors, Pastoral Counselors, Substance Abuse and Addiction Drug Counselors and most behavioral health licenses, in most states.

These Ethics CEUs are approved by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling.  They are also approved by NBCC, EACC, California BBS, Alabama, and multiple state boards in Texas including TCBAP and TAAP (an IC&RC Member Board). 

Based upon these credentials, these Ethics courses and CEUs are accepted by most states for multiple licenses - including multiple licenses in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Oregon, Vermont, Maryland, and Montana.  To check for YOUR LICENSE in YOUR STATE, go to our approvals map here.


 What Formats Are the Ethics Courses That We Offer?  Two Self-Paced Slide Shows and One Text Course.

Want to jump directly to the Ethics Courses catalog?  Go here.




Ethics Slide Shows:

Is Health Care Reform Making You Nervous from an Ethics Perspective? Do You Wonder If You Can Work In a Behavioral Health System That's Driven by 'Managed Care' and Ever-Expanding 'Medical Necessity' Criteria - and Still Hold On to Your Professional Ethics? Find Out Here. Take Either Ethics Courses 3D (3 credit hours) or 4D (4 credit hours).

To view a DEMO of our two Ethics Courses that are in a slide show format - Ethics 3D and 4D - Click Here.  (We now offer these two courses in a 'non-flash' format that iPad and other mobile device users can view - PDF!)


Ethics in a Text Format (a 'Quiz Only' Course)

Ethics Course 2D - 'Advance Directives: Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care'.  This is a 2 credit hour professional publication in a text format, which is both an Ethics Course and a Treatment Intervention Course. It's one of our 'Quiz Only' courses, which means that you can read and print the quiz and the study material for FREE, and pay only if you decide to enroll in the course and  take the quiz. 


In Addition to These Three Ethics Courses, You Can Find AOD and Mental Health Continuing Education Courses and CEUs in Multiple Clinical Areas On This Site.

To Go Directly To The Ethics Catalog, Click Here.

CEU By Net is licensed and certified as an Online Continuing Education Provider by NBCC, California, Texas, Alabama, Florida - and our CE courses and CEUs are accepted in almost every state for most licenses. Our customers include LPCs, Social Workers, LMFTs and MFTs, and AOD-CD-SA and Other Counselors and Therapists.

On this Continuing Education website, you can get ONLINE QUIZZES, ONLINE COURSES, and instantly downloaded CEU CERTIFICATES. It's easy, fast, and inexpensive.


quality_online_behavioral_health_CEOur courses are for professionals who are in a hurry, but who also want good quality courses, and 'something different!'  For quick links to some of our most popular courses. click here.



Want to Watch a Slide-Show Preview of Ethics 3D and 4D?

watch_an_ethics_demoTo view a DEMO of two very popular Ethics Courses in slide show format - Ethics 3D and 4D - Click Here. This is AOD and Mental Health ETHICS like you haven't seen it before. It's creative and non-boring - and takes an entirely different slant on that subject that just keeps coming back - Ethics.  (And we will soon offer these two courses in a 'non-flash' format that iPad and other mobile device users can view.)

Jump to the Ethics Course Catalog to read details about our three ETHICS COURSES awarding 2, 3, and 4 CEUs.

Take a Look at the FREE to VIEW, 2-credit 'QUIZ ONLY' Course - Advance Directives: Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care. It's an Ethics Course AND a Treatment Intervention Course - Appropriate for Those Working with HIV/AIDS Clients, Military Families and Personnel Deployed to War Zones, the Elderly, Parents and Children with Life Threatening Disease, and Others Needing Assistance with End of Life Care.


What Other Courses Do We Offer On This Site?

our_other_coursesIn addition to Ethics Continuing Education CEUs, we offer online courses for credit in a variety of interesting clinical topics - such as CBT for treatment of anger management issues and domestic violence,  working with War Zone Veterans returning to home, prevention of suicide in LGBT adolescents, treatment of personality disorders in persons with HIV/AIDS, assessment techniques that protect you legally and professionally for use with children and adolescents, family and couples therapy when drinking is an open or unspoken issue, assessment and treatment of non-Alzheimer's cognitive confusion and serious behavioral dysfunction in the elderly, response to victims of terrorism and mass criminal violence, and other interesting courses.






More About the Ethics Courses That We Offer

Our ethics courses are quite different than the usual fare, and are among our most popular courses.

IT'S A HOT ETHICS TOPIC - AGAIN!     In Courses 3D and 4D, we deal with ethical issues which have become newly relevant with the coming of the Federal Health Care Reform initiative. These are two of our most popular courses nationwide - relevant for any behavioral health practitioner who provides mental health or AOD services for a public or private health insurance plan.  (And we now offer ALL of our Ethics Courses in both 'Adobe Flash' and 'PDF' formats, so that those with iPads and other mobile devices  can view them.)

We tackle the question of whether licensed professionals can you hold on to their professional ethics while complying with a Care Management process which exerts an ever-expanding level of control over 'who' gets 'what' treatment and for 'how long'. Can you provide and document the type of information that is required for such definitive decisions - ethically? We think you can, and our Courses 3D and 4D tell you how. 4D is the same course as 3D, with one extra hour of credit - examining the ethics of insurance companies who are now focusing upon YOUR professional effectiveness in the treatment of your clients.

watch_our_ce_course_demoEthics 3D and 4D are SLIDE SHOW COURSES. Watch a preview of Ethics 3D and 4D, in a PDF Slide Show format!  It's self paced - at your own speed, move forward and back as you so desire.  Watch it again, whenever you wish. 

NEW! We have a new FREE TO VIEW, 'Quiz Only' Ethics Course (Course 2D) which deals with the ethics and procedures involved in assisting individuals and families with Plans for End of Life Care - Advance Directives - for those who work with the elderly, with military families deployed to war zones, with HIV-AIDS patients, and with children and adults who have terminal illnesses, and their families.

Who Accepts Our Ethics Courses and CEU Credits?

Our ETHICS COURSES are accepted by ALL STATES which accept NBCC approved courses and/or our State Board certifications for online CEUs, and/or our numerous State Social Worker Boards approvals. Our courses also meet the PUBLISHED CRITERIA FOR ACCEPTABLE CE in numerous states which do not pre-approve all acceptable providers.

States which accept our CEUs for most licenses include Texas, Missouri, New Mexico, Delaware, New Jersey, Louisiana, Arizona, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas, Ohio, Maine, Idaho, Connecticut, Alabama, California, Florida, Oklahoma, Washington, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Maryland, Utah, Alaska, District of Columbia (DC), Vermont, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, North Dakota, West Virginia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana, Oregon, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, etc.

To check for YOUR STATE and YOUR LICENSE on our Approved States MAP, Click This Link. And please note that we may not have full information for your state. Many states accept our CE courses and CEU credits based upon our NBCC approval and our certification by multiple other state licensing boards.

course_demo_button.gifWATCH A PREVIEW/DEMO of Ethics Courses 3D and 4D HERE (3- and 4-credit hours, respectively). Course 4D simply expands on 3D, with several additional ethics issues in the third lesson.

Take our 3-Credit Hour 'Ethics Course 3D'

Or our 4-Credit Hour 'Ethics Course 4D' (it EXPANDS on Course 3D)

Take our 2-Credit Hour Ethics Course 2D

AND you can earn UNLIMITED CEUs on this site for an Entire Year for only $59.95!  We currently offer 96.5 Credit Hours, with more on the way. 


Course Descriptions

Click Here to Go to the Catalog for Ethics 4D  "When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying the Bill -- The Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Related Ethical Dilemmas in Today's World."


This 4 credit hour Ethics Course - in fast paced, colorful slideshow and bullet format - is an EXPANSION of our 3-credit hour course Ethics 3D, described below.

In Course 4D - in addition to the core ethics issues covered in Course 3D - we look at such ethical questions as the insurance company's focus upon YOUR effectiveness in the treatment process - i.e., is your approach to treatment effective (or not)? Is such scrutiny legitimate and ethical, or is it an invasion of your (and your client's) privacy?

And does the new emphasis upon YOUR EFFECTIVENESS have anything to do with your OWN ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY to your clients, as required by your licensure standards?

As in Ethics Course 3D (described below), the core focus in this 4-hour course is the issue of DOCUMENTATION of treatment in the client's clinical record - when insurance or other appointed administrators are paying the bill. What to say in writing, when payment may depend upon it? What not to say? How much MUST you divulge in the treatment record to assure that your client gets the continued treatment he needs? These questions can be MAJOR ETHICAL ISSUES for most of us. Check out the description of Course 3D below, for more details. Or go directly to the catalog.

Earn a certificate for 4 (or 0.4) credit hours immediately upon completion of this module.

Click Here to Go to the Catalog for Ethics 3D - 'When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying For Treatment -- The Ethics of Treatment Documentation in Today's World'

This 3 credit hour Ethics Course focuses upon documentation in a client's treatment record - when insurance or other appointed administrators are paying the bill - which can be a MAJOR ETHICAL ISSUE for many of us.

Health Insurance Companies and State Behavioral Health Contracts are now paying for ever-shrinking services. Their criteria for AUTHORIZATION of services are tight, and may collide with a provider’s personal beliefs and ethics about what constitutes ‘NEED for services’. Furthermore, the payer's expectations for DOCUMENTING the client’s status, needs, and how and why you provided the treatment are more specific than many providers feel is ETHICAL.

So how DO you document these things in a client's record, when you disagree with so much? The primary purpose of this course is to demonstrate to providers how they can comply with these requirements, and do it within ETHICAL BOUNDARIES -- professional AND license-related.

We provide very specific examples of how to document the client's status and needs in a way that will SUPPORT THE APPROVAL (the 'authorization') that you have been given - professionally and ethically. And we describe precisely what the insurance company or other authorizing administrator is looking for when they audit your clients' treatment records, and the ethical issues which such expectations bring for most professionals.

Earn and download and print a CE certificate for 3 (or 0.3) credit hours immediately upon completion of this module.

 Click Here to Go to the Catalog for Ethics 2D - Advance Directives: Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care.

This 2-credit hour ETHICS COURSE is a PDF document accessed FREE OF CHARGE through a publicly accessible internet link to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) website. The AHRQ includes this document in its search list of publications which deal with the ETHICS of healthcare, and state that, "This research can help providers offer end-of-life care based on preferences held by the majority of patients under similar circumstances."

This course earns 2 ETHICS CEU Credits. It is also a 2-Credit-Hour COUNSELING INTERVENTION course. It's appropriate for those who work with the elderly, with cancer and AIDS patients and their families, and with others who are facing death from illness -- or who work in life-threatening situations such police, firemen, and our MILITARY deployed to war zones. Clients may be residents and family members of nursing facilities, hospitals, hospice, the military, or any other situation where end of life is a potentially immediate or circumstantial issue.

If you wish to earn CE CREDIT and an instantly downloaded CE Certificate after you read this well-documented material, you may do so by paying the $18 fee and taking and passing an ONLINE QUIZ here on our website. There is no limit to the number of times you can attempt to pass the quiz. You may view and print a COPY of the online quiz now, without charge, and use it as a guide as you read the study materials. This free internet-accessible publication is funded and published by the federal AHRQ. Authors are Barbara L. Kass-Bartelmes, M.P.H., C.H.E.S., and Ronda Hughes, Ph.D.

CEU By Net has included this material in our ETHICS section because helping patients and families to make choices regarding END OF LIFE CARE is a potentially vulnerable area of PROFESSIONAL ETHICALITY. Such activity falls within the area of Professional Ethics generally referred to as CLIENT WELFARE .... including the elements of 'Acting in the Best Interest of the Client' and 'Informed Consent'. These activities also involve PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES, in terms of differentiating between our desires for a client at the end of life, and the client's own preferences.

Materials such as this study published by the AHRQ also serve to enhance and support Professional Competence and SCOPE OF PRACTICE, for those who have responsibilities involving Advance Directives. The information contained herein serves as a ‘KNOWLEDGE FRAMEWORK’ for behavioral health practitioners in the area of assisting their clients/patients with ADVANCE DIRECTIVES or LIVING WILLS. Such research-based knowledge is important to ensure that we understand ETHICALLY APPROPRIATE ways to assist clients and family members or representatives with this important activity. Such knowledge also helps to protect practitioners from being the focus of disciplinary action and legal complications.

Earn and download and print a CE certificate for 2 (or 0.2) credit hours immediately upon completion of this module.


Ethics Course 2D:
1. Learn terms that should be understood related to individuals' LEGAL RIGHT to make End of Life Care Decisions.
2. Awareness of the research-verified need for more effective Advance Directives (end of life care planning), and differentiation between the categories of individuals for whom Advance Directives are an issue.
3. Understanding of the BENEFITS of addressing end of life preferences with persons who are terminally ill or are in a life threatening situation, as well as with their surrogates (family or representatives).
4. Learn a five-part, research-supported PROCESS for structuring discussions about end-of-life preferences, which inherently supports our ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY for assuring the welfare and legal rights of the client.
5. Based upon research findings, understand the FACTORS which typically affect individuals' choices about End of Life Care in various situations - thus enhancing ability to ETHICALLY GUIDE DISCUSSIONS about end of life care.
Ethics Course 3D:
1. Understand the ETHICAL AND PRACTICAL impact of CARE MANAGEMENT upon WHO gets treatment, WHAT treatments they may receive, and HOW MUCH of each treatment is allowed. 3. Learn how we can ETHICALLY accommodate these new treatment and documentation requirements, while simultaneously meeting the requirements of our Provider Agreements.
2. Identify the ETHICAL ISSUES faced by providers due to this new approach to authorization - in both the delivery of treatment services AND in the DOCUMENTATION of the treatment provided.
3. Learn how we can ETHICALLY accommodate these new treatment and documentation requirements, while simultaneously meeting the requirements of our Provider Agreements.
Ethics Course 4D:
1. Understand the ETHICAL AND PRACTICAL impact of CARE MANAGEMENT upon WHO gets treatment, WHAT treatments they may receive, and HOW MUCH of each treatment is allowed.
2. Identify the ETHICAL ISSUES faced by providers due to this new approach to authorization - in both the delivery of treatment services AND in the DOCUMENTATION of the treatment provided.
3. Learn how we can ETHICALLY accommodate these new treatment and documentation requirements, while simultaneously meeting the requirements of our Provider Agreements.
4. Identify additional ETHICAL DILEMMAS encountered in treatment of mental health and substance abuse clients, including the ethics of the Quality Management - Treatment Effectiveness scrutiny which HMOs and other such contract managers place upon the work we do. Is it ethical activity, or is it invasive?

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