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The Ethics of Health Care ReformThe Ethics Catalog 


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Is Health Care Reform Making You Nervous from an Ethics Perspective?

Do You Wonder If You Can Work In a Behavioral Health System That's Driven by 'Managed Care' and Ever-Expanding 'Medical Necessity' Criteria - and Still Hold On to Your Professional Ethics? Find Out Here. Take Ethics Course 3D or Ethics Course 4D, Awarding 3 and 4 Clock Hours of CE Credit Respectively - for both Mental Health and AOD Professionals including EACC CEAPs.

  • In all, we currently offer nine credit hours of online Ethics Continuing Education on this site - Ethics CEUs and PDHs for Counselors, Social Workers, LMFTs, AOD Counselors, CEAPs, and other behavioral health professionals.  Aside from 3D and 4D, we offer a 'Quiz Only' Ethics Course 2D which addresses the intervention approaches and ethics pertaining to End of Life Care (Advance Directives).

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  • Our Ethics Courses are quite different than the usual fare - unique ethics topics you don't see elsewhere, for both mental health and AOD providers. Our courses are accepted in almost every state for multiple licenses including counselors, social workers, MFTs, drug and alcohol counselors, and more.  We offer 2-credit, 3-credit, and 4-credit Ethics Courses.  

  • These courses are relevant for ANY behavioral health provider who delivers mental health or AOD treatment services to clients enrolled in a public OR private health insurance plan.

  • In Ethics Courses 3D and 4D, we deal with ethical issues which have become increasingly relevant with the coming of the Federal Health Care Reform initiative.  The 'Care Management' process for pre-approving treatment services has been a standard of the health care industry for some years now, but is now becoming far more vigorous in its oversight and limitation of services.    


The Care Management process limits the approval to provide treatment to our clients.  Approval is based upon criteria which are designed to save money and to ensure that only treatments which are judged to be 'Medically Necessary' are approved.

In fact, the criteria for determining need for treatment (i.e., Medical Necessity) are becoming tighter, in both the public and private healthcare sectors. This significantly increases the stress of day to day operations in a behavioral health care setting - whether you are in a community-based MH/AOD clinic or in a private practice group.

With this in mind, we tackle the question of whether licensed professionals can hold on to their professional ethics while complying with a Care Management process which exerts an ever-expanding level of control over 'who' gets 'what' treatment and for 'how long'.  The process also  inherently increases how much you must divulge about the client, in order to obtain authorization for treatment.

new_ethics_issuesIn this course, we address the issue of the clinical documentation of need for treatment. Plainly speaking, can you provide and document the type of information that is required for such definitive decisions - ethically? We think you can, and our Courses 3D and 4D tell you how to do it in practical and straightforward terms.

  • This health care reform movement presents a significant issue for counselors, social workers, and all of us who work in this field of behavioral health care - an issue which we cannot ignore:  HOW TO COPE WITH THESE REQUIREMENTS, ETHICALLY.  That's the focus of Ethics Courses 3D and 4D.  

4D is the same course as 3D, with one extra hour of credit - examining the ethics of insurance companies who are now focusing upon YOUR professional effectiveness in the treatment of your clients.



Ethics 3D and 4D are SLIDE SHOW COURSES, which no longer require Adobe Flash to view; we NOW OFFER these courses in a PDF format which can be viewed by any computer or mobile device which can view PDF documents.  Watch a preview of Ethics 3D and 4D, in PDF format!  

Free to View! We now offer a FREE TO VIEW, 'Quiz Only' Text-Style Course (Course 2D) which deals with the ethics and therapeutic intervention guidelines for assisting individuals and families with Plans for End of Life Care - Advance Directives - for those who work with the elderly, with military families deployed to war zones, with HIV-AIDS patients, and with children and adults who have terminal illnesses, and their families.


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Plus    Ethics 4D - When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying the Bill – The Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas
Plus    Ethics 3D - The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying The Bill
Plus    Ethics Course 2D - Advance Directives: Assisting with Plans for End of Life Care
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