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Welcome to the Managed Care Catalog!Welcome to CEU By Net!  This Is the Managed Care Courses Catalog, Offering Mental Health and Addiction CEUs for Straight Talk About How to Survive Managed Care.

These Courses Teach the Concept of 'Medical Necessity' for Various Levels of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment.  We Provide Specific Examples of  Effective and Ineffective Ways to Document Your Client's Status, Including Twelve 'Documentation Styles' Which Typically Result in Denial of  Approval by Care Managers and Recoupment of Paid Fees.

Learn How to Audit Your Own Program Records Before the HMO, Insurance Company or State Medicaid Contractor Shows Up at Your Door to Conduct an Onsite Care Management Review!


We offer 10 courses pertaining to Managed Care, all of which address the impact of Managed Care upon private practitioners, agencies, and traditional Provider Networks (read: 'Narrow Networks' and 'Integrated or Vertical Networks') - and upon the funding of treatment services. 

  • We also address the increasing demand for documentation of the need for treatment and the results of that treatment.  It may be 'light years' different than how you were trained to document sensitive and personal client information - but if you want to be paid for the services you provide, it's necessary.   


Does This Managed Care Information Apply to YOU?

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Want to go directly to the list of managed care courses?  Go to the bottom of this page.  Click the + sign in front of any course that interests you, where you can read the course description and enroll in the course. 


The format of our Managed Care courses is different than the majority of our courses because they are PDF self-guided slideshows.  The majority of CE Credit Hours on this site are earned through traditional text-based professional publications and training manuals. 


We are NBCC ACEP #6338 We Offer UNLIMITED COURSES AND CREDIT HOURS for An Entire Year with Our Annual Subscription - and It's Only $49.00 Per Year.  We Offer Approved NBCC Hours for Every Course on Our Website, in addition to EACC PDHs, State Board CE Credit, and NAADAC and IC&RC CEUs   




Try our FREE Managed Care CE Course  - Course 1B 

Free Course 1B awards 1.5 Clock Hours of CE Credit for all credentialing authorities - NBCC, EACC, Florida CE Broker, California BBS, TCBAP-TAAP, FCB, NAADAC, IC&RC, and State Mental Health and Addiction Licensing Boards who accept our credits (see our Approved States Map for approval information for your state).  This course is a self-paced slide show offered in a PDF format so that mobile devices can view it.  

The ACA - A Shift In How We Provide Treatment




Does This Information Apply to YOU?  Yes.

Health Care Reform (aka, 'Managed Care') is now a fact of life, REGARDLESS of the state in which you practice, or what the new Administration does to modify the Affordable Care Act or the type of environment in which you work. While many states are not new to Managed Care, the pervasiveness of working under such a regulated system of health care IS new, with the national need to control the cost of healthcare at all levels.  


Even if your program primarily REFERS clients to other agencies for more intensive services, you need to understand the constraints under which they provide treatment.   



Why is this such an important issue for mental health and addiction treatment providers?  With the expanded implementation of Health Care Reform at the federal, state, and local levels, virtually all insurance carriers and their provider networks are affected.  CEU By Net's Managed Care Courses cover the gamut of issues which concern behavioral health treatment providers, in this age of expanding health care reform.





  • Course 4A – This Is Managed Behavioral Health Care - and Its Impact On YOU  

  • Course 5A – Welcome to Care Management! a.k.a., 'Do They Really Need Treatment?' 

Course 4A contains two modules - MC 101 and MC201, described below.  

Course 5A contains all three of the modules below:  

  • MC101 Managed Care in Public Health Programs:  It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Chevy   

  • MC201  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Managed Care Contracts – Including Clinical and Program Options for Professionals

  •  MC301  Professional and Clinical Issues in Managed Care  - The Necessary Shifts in Program Design and Treatment Approach Under a Level of Care System 


FOR CEAPS EARNING EACC PDH CREDIT:  Each module earns a separate certificate, and each has its own PDH Approval Number and domains.  Check the course description to see how many PDHs each course or module earns.



If you click a link to open a course, but the link doesn't open up, please TURN OFF YOUR POPUP BLOCKERS!  Click here to see how.  


Plus    FREE Course 1B - It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy - Intro to Goals, Clinical Concerns, and Opportunities In Behavioral Health Managed Care
Plus    Ethics 4D - Ethics of Treatment Documentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas When Insurance and State Contracts Are Paying the Bill
Plus    Ethics 3D - The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying The Bill
Plus    Course 2B - They're Coming to Audit WHEN? a.k.a. 'What Can Go WRONG In That Chart?'
Plus    Course 2C - We Have to Change WHAT?
Plus    Course 3B - The Big Transition in the AOD Field: Managed Care, the ACA, Justifying Need for Treatment - Oh How It's Changed!
Plus    Course 3A - Managed Care - Is There Anything GOOD About It?
Plus    Course 5A - Welcome to Care Management! Do They REALLY Need Treatment?
Plus    Managed Care Course 4A - This Is Managed Behavioral Health Care - and It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy!
Plus    Course 1C - Capitation (Cost Containment) and You! How It Affects Referral and Treatment Services
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