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Health Care Reform - Survive It!Welcome to CEU By Net - Where It's All Online, and Oh So Affordable!  

Health Care Reform (a.k.a., Managed Care at a national level) has arrived, and there are clinical implications for all of us.  The main focus of this page is a single course - Managed Care FlexiCourse 4A.  

We Offer An Entire Catalog of Managed Care Continuing Education Courses for Mental Health and Substance Abuse.  And Of Course We Also Offer Many Other Timely Topics.


Not Interested in Managed Care?  Then Take a Look at Our Other Course Categories, Including Ethics, AgingAOD, Working with War Zone Veterans, Suicide Prevention for LGBT Youth, Domestic Violence, Child and Adolescent, Treatment Methodology for mental health, the new requirements for Documentation of Treatment under a 'health care reform' system, and multiple other topics.


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Our online courses are presented in multiple formats.  Take your pick - never-boring slide show formats (such as this Course 4A), or PDF journal articles which are Free-to-Read and print (pay ONLY for the quiz!)  


Managed Care - Avoid the Pain!If you are already involved in a public sector managed care conversion, be prepared to shout YES! - or maybe NO! - as you scroll through our no-holds-barred slides and humorous artwork. Who says that Continuing Education has to be boring?  Take this course!  Avoid the pain of Health Care Reform. 


CEU By Net's state and national certifications and licenses - which allow us to provide Interactive Online Continuing Education - date back six years.  In that time, we have served over 17,000 licensed professionals on our website, from every state and US Territory - the majority, during the past two years. 

CEU By Net is NBCC ACEP #6338.  Virtually all State Counselor Licensing Boards accept our course credits based upon our CE Provider credentials, which - in addition to NBCC - include these:  

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Approved_StatesOur Courses Are Accepted by Almost Every State for Most Licenses. To view our approvals for YOUR STATE, click HERE

Examples of licenses held by our customers include the following:  

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So What's This FlexiCourse 4A About? 'This is Managed Care - and Its Impact on YOU!'  a.k.a. 'It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy! It's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!'  

need_fast_description_of_coursesWANT A FAST TO-THE-POINT DESCRIPTION of what's covered in this FOUR HOUR COURSE? Just hop on over to our course catalog now and take a look. If you want a detailed look at this course, just click the link in the catalog and we'll bring you right back to this page. Or ....   just read on!  

utilization_review_is_an_essential_function_for_social_workersIf you are a social worker, LPC, MFT or LMFT, LCDC, or other mental health or substance abuse treatment provider, and are concerned about Managed Care - particularly RISK BASED MANAGED CARE - this 4-hour online home study Continuing Education (CE) FlexiCourse is timely and relevant. It's inexpensive. It's fast-paced, in an unusual FLASH-format slide presentation.

This online CEU course provides an unvarnished view of what has CHANGED due to the coming of Managed Care to the Mental Health (MH) and Chemical Dependency (CD) / Substance Abuse (SA) treatment fields - including what can go WRONG in Managed Care plans, and what type of Provider Agreements to seek out and which to avoid. The course also provides specific detail about the 4 core elements which determine your client's eligibility for the service you are requesting, i.e., the 'Medical Necessity of Treatment'.  THIS is the main issue with which providers struggle, under the new Health Care Reform!  Understand it, today!

 This Managed Care Course (FlexiCourse 4A) earns four (4) contact hours. It contains the first 2 modules from FlexiCourse 5A. Bite-sized portions of this course are found in MiniCourses 1B and 1C.  

working_online_in_managed_careWHAT OTHER COURSES PERTAINING TO MANAGED CARE DO WE OFFER? Click below on the links, to read more about each.  The number preceding the letter typically (but not always) indicates the number of CEU credits for the course (e.g., Course 4A awards 5 credit hours).  Check the course catalog to determine the number of Credit Hours earned.

Or you can jump directly to the Managed Care Catalog.

Course 1B - Managed Care Overview 

Course 5B - Managed Care Contract? Survive It, Professionally!  [TEMPORARILY OFF LINE.]

Course 1C - That 'Capitation Thing' and YOU! 

Ethics 4D - The Ethics of Treatment DYocumentation and Other Ethical Dilemmas When Insurance Is Paying The Bill  

Ethics 3D - The Ethics of Treatment Documentation When Insurance Is Paying The Bill

FlexiCourse 10A - The Big Course On Managed Care For Professionals 

FlexiCourse 4A - This Is Managed Care - and Its Impact on YOU! 

FlexiCourse 5A - Welcome to Care Management! Do They REALLY Need Treatment? 

Course 2B - They're Coming to Audit WHEN? 

Course 2C - We Have to Change WHAT? 

Course 3A - Managed Care - Is There Anything GOOD About It? 

Course 3B - Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment: 'The Big Transition'  


CEU FlexiCourse 4A contains the course materials for two (2) separate CE certificates:

  • One CE certificate totaling 1 Clock Hour of CE Credit, "Module 101 - Managed Care In Public Health Programs: It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy!" . . . and
  • One CE certificate totaling 3 Clock Hours of CE Credit, "Module 201 -- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Managed Care Contracts, Including Clinical and Programmatic Options for Professionals"  

You may earn both online CEU Certificates now, or you may wish to delay earning one or both of the certificates for up to one year after purchase of the course -- whenever you need them most! It's your choice!

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Goals and Objectives of Behavioral Health Managed CareModule 101- FlexiCourse 4A -  Managed Care In Public Health Programs: It's Not Your Grandpa's Chevy!

This fast-paced colorful slide presentation gives you a basic, no-holds-barred introduction to the most common problems occurring in behavioral health managed care programs which are put into place by State Government, such as Medicaid, Medicare, and Substance Abuse (SA) Block Grant conversions . . . coming on strong all over the country.  

  1. Intro to Goals and Objectives of Behavioral Health Managed Care - 'Why Are They Doing This to Us?'

  2. What can go wrong - at both the MCO end and the Provider end and within the delivery system?

  3. Understanding RISK BASED MANAGED CARE - 'Capitation' Contracts (the primary type of State Managed Care Contract including Medicaid) - and the MAJOR ways that they impact providers in both clinical and financial ways.

  4. Intro to the important clinical concerns and opportunities for treatment providers under a managed care contract.  back to top

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Module 201

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Managed CareModule 201- FlexiCourse 4A

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Managed Care, Including Clinical and Program Options for Professionals


Are there different kinds of Managed Care plans? Yes indeed. There's The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - for the Managed Care companies AND for the providers! But we don't just throw you out there - we identify those plans that are 'mostly safe' (like Fee for Service and Case Rates) vs. those that are 'nerve wracking' vs. those with 'don't even think about it!' written all over them.  

1. Understanding the impact of this new health care approach upon providers.

2. Review of 'What's a Capitation Contract' - the primary type of State-HMO managed care contract used in Medicaid and Medicare managed care conversions. Can it possibly work? Yes. And what about FEE FOR SERVICE?

3. Understanding a couple of other Managed Care designs - one is The Good, and one The Truly Ugly (Watch Out! Run Fast!).

4. And should providers take on ANY of these high-risk arrangements, working as a provider for an HMO? Or as the 'substitute' for an HMO? What kind of risk are they taking? And can they succeed in any of these arrangements? (Answer: Yes.)

5. How does Managed Care affect the way that we deliver treatment to Mental Health and Chemical Dependency clients? Here's some creative service options for treatment providers which allow more autonomy. 

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