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This page contains links to external, nationally recognized websites which are relevant to CEU By Net's continuing education website customers. However, CEU By Net has no control over their content or availability. Organizations may change their URL addresses without warning to the public. If you find a link that does not work, you may "google" for the correct URL by entering the name of the organization in the SEARCH field of your browser, or you may contact CEU By Net Technical Support by EMAIL, for assistance.   Our email address is   








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Professional Resource Links


[Click the name of an organization or subject below, to learn more.]


National Board for Certified Counselors and Affiliates, Inc.

LGBT Issues and Resources  

The Employee Assistance Professionals Association

American Mental Health Counselors Association

The Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF) 

The Center For Health Care Strategies (CHCS)

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) 

Mental Health America (formerly the National Mental Health Association) 

National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) at Columbia University 



1. The Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF)  

Founded in 1948, the primary mission of the Annie E. Casey Foundation is to foster public policies, human-service reforms, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of today's vulnerable children and families. In pursuit of this goal, the Foundation makes grants that help states, cities, and neighborhoods fashion more innovative, cost-effective responses to these needs.   

The AECF is a nationally recognized research, public policy, and educational not-for-profit organization. AECF was founded by Jim Casey - who was also the founder of UPS. The work of the AECF - quoting text from their website - focuses upon these following areas:    

  • Child Welfare/Permanence. By making grants and providing direct services, the Casey Foundation is addressing the challenges in the child welfare system to ensure that all children, regardless of age, race, culture, national origin, sexual orientation, special need or complex circumstances, have lifelong connections to a caring, nurturing family 
  • Community Change. We are fully invested in building better futures for millions of disadvantaged children in tough neighborhoods -- areas where poverty is concentrated, crime is common, safety is elusive, and essential services are unreliable. 
  • Economic Security. We believe that improving the lives of disadvantaged children requires a combination of strategies designed to strengthen families and neighborhoods. Ensuring family economic security is an important part of this approach. 
  • Education. Our education investments have two primary aims: 1) to support initiatives that give more low-income parents the opportunity to send their children to high-quality schools that produce strong results, and 2) to help families get needed services and support through stronger connections between schools and communities. 
  • Health. Many of our nation's most vulnerable children and families do not have access to good, affordable health care and health services. The Casey Foundation believes that these conditions can be fixed, improving all families' health and their ability to contribute in the worlds of school, work, and the community. 
  • Juvenile Justice. The Casey Foundation's juvenile justice reform agenda is designed to improve the odds that delinquent youth can make successful transitions to adulthood, primarily by reforming the juvenile justice system to incarcerate fewer youth, rely more upon proven, family-focused interventions, and create opportunities for positive youth development. 
  • Special Interest Areas. The Casey Foundation is raising national awareness about the issues facing particular groups of disadvantaged families who face even tougher odds than most. These families face hurdles that make economic self-sufficiency and long-term success especially difficult to achieve." 
Read more about the Annie E. Casey Foundation at  

2. The Center For Health Care Strategies (CHCS)    

The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) is a nonprofit health policy resource center dedicated to improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care services for low-income populations and people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. We work directly with states and federal agencies, health plans, and providers to develop innovative programs that better serve people with complex and high-cost health care needs.  

CHCS's national activities focus on three core priorities (quoted from their website):    

Read more about the CHCS at their website,     



3. National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) - Grading The States.    




4. Mental Health America (formerly the National Mental Health Association)

A good resource for mental health information - particularly for consumers and advocates. Specific information about the nature of various diagnoses, in terminology your clients can understand.   


5. National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) at Columbia University    

A primary purpose of this not-for-profit research and advocacy organization is helping to raise awareness – among policymakers, leaders, the media, and the general public – about the issues that impact poor and low-income children and families.

This organization's website offers a rich source of documented information about children and families who live in poverty in the United States. Effective approaches to treatment and community support of such children and families are nationally recognized.

We currently offer a certificate for demonstrating an understanding of the materials presented in one of their online research articles, "Maternal Depression and Its Impact on Young Children".   


6. Online Resources for LGBTQ Issues 

Anti-discrimination laws protecting the LGBT community 


See CEU By Net's sponsored Free-to-Read and Print Continuing Education Courses for those of you who are working (or planning to work) with LGBTQ children and adolescents and their families. 

We have several courses which pertain to LGBTQ youth, two of which are nationally acclaimed, particularly Course 6J 'Ending Conversion Therapy: Supporting and Affirming LGBTQ Youth', and Course 8T 'Human Trafficking of Adolescents in America.'

These two courses are written, copyrighted, and published in the Public Domain by SAMHSA, the US Department of Justice, and their governmental and national community partners.  The courses are sponsored online by CEU By Net for Continuing Education credit, for mental health and addiction professionals. 

All of our courses are FREE to read and print by professionals and the public, including students and parents.  In the LGBTQ Courses Catalog, you can find courses that interest you.  At the bottom of each COURSE DESCRIPTION, you will find links to the course materials (study guides).  The copyrighted quizzes for these courses, written by CEU By Net, are also available to read, although they are not available to be scored unless you have registered and paid to take the course.



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